Facial mask dominates skin care market,Delifeel organic facial mask attracts much attention

As the most commonly used in daily skin care product for women, facial masks have maintained a growth trend in the world. In 2020, the market size of the facial mask industry have reached over 37 billion US dollars, with a growth rate of 21.6%. As the requirements for skin care have continually increased, Japanese Delifeel organic facial masks are more popular among skin-care consumers.

1. Why the organic skin care products are so popular?

Organic skin care products avoid the harm of harmful chemical ingredients to the human body which use pure natural organic plants as raw materials.The Delifeel organic moisturizing mask is guaranteed by the general corporate legal person ECOFIT in Japan. After use, it can stimulate the skin’s built-in vitality, regenerate the skin’s natural radiance, and return the problem skin to a healthy state. The natural antioxidants and nutrients contained in organic skin care products can protect the skin from free radical damage and effectively reduce wrinkles, spots, uneven skin color and skin metabolism disorders.

2. More than 95% organic extracts from plants

In the Delifeel organic mask, more than 95% of the ingredients are organic raw materials. Such as the main ingredients-grape peel extract, it is cultivated from the famous Nagano Prefecture in Japan. No chemical fertilizers and pesticides are added to the crops here. In addition, 70% of the organic raw materials are extracted from the plants in Japan.

3. Comprehensive efficacy with the combination of whitening, moisturizing and antioxidant

As the new word of anti-agingwhich is popular around skin care in the female group, the Delifeel organic mask must be the master of facial masks field because of its comprehensive efficacy which can improve all problems on skin that is not only the efficacy of whitening, moisturizing, shrink pores and antibacterial, but also anti-aging.

Organic skin-care manufacturers have its sense of social responsibility in overall environment. In the process of raw materials planting, the natural ecological conditions of the soil and water source are protected without pollution. In addition to this, a biodegradable outer packaging also be used in the produce process. The Delifeel brand believes that, this is not only a contribution to environmental protection, but also a long-term protection for human beings. Keep using of high quality raw materials and maintaining ecological health are Delifeels criteria.

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