Beta Bowl Helps 400+ Teens Bring Ideas to Life and Make a Real-World Impact in 2020 and Beyond

Beta Bowl Helps 400+ Teens Bring Ideas to Life and Make a Real-World Impact in 2020 and Beyond

For anyone who thought 2020 was the year to “write-off”, hundreds of Beta Bowl entrepreneurship students and impressive teenpreneurs might tell you differently. Throughout 2020, Beta Bowl, the teen-focused virtual entrepreneurship extracurricular enrichment program, has seen a wide variety of innovative businesses, new product inventions, technologies, ideas, and even impactful philanthropic ventures. Despite the disruption that many students experienced throughout 2020, Beta Bowl students like Raina Jain, Alana Weisberg, and Krish Chaudhary have been hard at work making a positive impact on our world today.

When most people think “business”, revenue and profit come to mind, but Beta Bowl student businesses aren’t simply there for the “money grab”. These impressive students have found ways to profoundly help people, businesses, and the environment, while tackling major crises in our world today, as well as in some cases, turning a significant profit. Students like Raina Jain and Krish Chaudhary put their interests to work to develop brand-new inventions, from saving honey bees to reviving retail operations. Raina’s research and newfound business acumen culminated in the development and launch of her honey bee protection product, HiveGuard, and Krish directed his computer science expertise towards an artificial intelligence-powered facial recognition software that helps businesses and schools operate amidst social distancing. 

Since her Beta Bowl experience, Raina has launched HiveGuard to over 4,300 pre-orders and is inking a test partnership with Whole Foods for a more consumer-friendly B2C product. Meanwhile, Raina’s primary B2B product is undergoing large-scale testing with professional beekeepers in the US and Europe ahead of its near-term commercial launch. Krish has expanded his product offering to a variety of B2B and B2C software applications, leveraging his computer science passion into marketable technology products, from lane-line detection for safer night driving to enhanced facial recognition bank and home security systems.

While Raina and Krish honed their environmental and technology passions into full-fledged businesses, some Beta Bowl students have let altruism lead their path and made just as great of an impact. Alana Weisberg is one such student who entered the Beta Bowl program with an interest in the beauty industry; however, through her business-building experience, she uncovered an even greater passion: education equality and closing the literacy gap. Since completing the Beta Bowl program, Alana has created Bookworm Global, a literacy-focused philanthropic organization that works with nonprofits and provides books for socioeconomically disadvantaged children in need. In 2020 Alana has grown her organization to over 240 volunteers and has collectively donated over 24,000 books to students in need; she has operations in Northern and Southern California and Chicago, with plans to expand further across the country.

Rachel Greenberg, Beta Bowl’s founder, former Wall Street investment banker, serial entrepreneur, and startup consultant, has been beyond impressed with the wide variety of student outcomes Beta Bowl has seen, especially during the pandemic in 2020. Rachel attributes the impressive outcomes and student success largely to the need for innovation and thirst for fulfillment that students experienced at home this year. Rachel asserts that Beta Bowl teens in 2020 have proven the resilience, ingenuity, and potential held in today’s youth, despite the unprecedented external circumstances they all faced. In fact, more than half of all Beta Bowl students in 2020 came into the program with no particular business idea, no industry of interest, and no prior business background or education. These students still went on to create some of the most unique, innovative products and services. 

One such example came from Cara Gosin, a 9th grader who developed a solution to make in-store shopping safer and cleaner and thus, increase in-store foot traffic and brick-and-mortar sales. Cara was among the 11 students featured in Beta Bowl’s end-of-year pitch expo. She is highlighted among others who created businesses and ideas ranging from Justin Leusner’s video editing company, YF Visuals, to Ethan Chow’s healthy food distribution technology to end hunger, Healthy Food Connector. These students represent a small snippet of the outcomes Beta Bowl has engendered in motivated youth throughout 2020, and students continue to hone their entrepreneurial skills heading into the new year.  

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