Black-owned toy company launches innovative line of STEM Toys

Science, technology, engineering, and math-based toy cars are geared to inspire the curiosity, learning, and development of children

January 6, 2020 – Teni and Tayo Creations, a black owned children’s toy and book company, has launched a line of STEM toy cars to inspire the curiosity, learning and development of children. STEM toys are not only capable of being played with, but they teach children about science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. STEM toys help children develop important skills and these can be transferred over to future careers in industries which continually see growth around the globe.

Teni and Tayo Creations aims to help black children close the diversity gap in STEM-related industries. The toy and book company has developed STEM projects allowing kids to build their own cars from scratch. Once the cars are complete, they actual drive. Each STEM toy car features an African superhero, who has a positive message for the child to inspire them further.

“It’s like being a superhero’s sidekick,” Omobola, CEO and Founder of Teni and Tayo Creations, said. “Plus, kids get to play with a toy that is both fun and educational all at the same time.”

Black individuals and people of color are under-represented in the science, technology, education, and mathematics industries. Careers in the STEM sectors are growing quickly and with so many jobs potentially available, the diversity gap could be reduced with more children of color being inspired to enter the STEM sectors.

According to Omobola, part of the reason for a lack of diversity in the STEM industry is due to children having few black role models working in it. Teni and Tayo Creations’ STEM toy cars will hopefully inspire those children interested in the area.

“While our toys are for all children regardless of race or ethnicity, the representation on our toys makes it extra special for black children especially as finding toys with representation is often hard,” Omobola said. “Some children are more eager to give the toys a try, which they might have not tried previously. This introduces them to the STEM concepts which they may not have known about before.”

Research shows that children who are exposed to STEM concepts through play from a young age are more likely to develop an interest in those same areas as adults. For more information on Teni and Tayo Creations and its incredible line of STEM toy cars, please visit

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