Butterfly Moon – The New Inspirational Podcast Series from A Special Needs Mom

Passionate woman and mother, Vanessa, chronicles her spiritual journey to success in Butterfly Moon, a new podcast series created to inspire single parents fighting their self-identity

Butterfly Moon can be rightly described as a movement that seeks to bring together the different stakeholders in the Special Needs Community and inspire them towards greatness. The podcast series was launched by Vanessa as a platform to share her thoughts and words, with the primary goal of supporting individuals that have walked in her shoes.

Being a parent can be a bit stressful, especially with single parents not having it easy as they strive to cater to the needs of their kids. It is even more challenging for special needs parent due to societal pressure and several other factors that make it a bit more difficult for them to make ends meet. However, Vanessa is looking to offer a support system to parents in this situation with the launch of Butterfly Moon, which has already started to enjoy rave reviews from listeners.

Vanessa, who is battling with Prolactinoma Brain Tumor diagnosis, aims to provide support to single parents fighting their self-identity by leading them through her spiritual journey to success. The podcast host aims to take listeners by the hand on her path to self-discovery, spiritual connections, and being a positive influencer.

Butterfly Moon features personal stories shared by Vanessa as well as other people as they seek to help as many parents as possible to understand their purpose and ultimately manifest their positive thoughts and goals. Her latest episode titled “Priceless Memories, Diagnosis, and Blessings” chronicles how Vanessa learned about her daughter’s diagnosis, mom’s guilt, and the support and compassion for the Special Needs Community.

Vanessa is already receiving accolades from different quarters for sharing her diary with the world. “Vanessa is amazing. She is such a beautiful soul filled with gratitude. I love everything about her spiritual journey and her positivity makes this podcast even better. These episodes are amazing and they also give you the motivation to create your life exactly how you want. Manifesting is real and our thoughts create! Great episodes!! Can’t wait for more!” said abdorima.

Butterfly Moon is available on major streaming platforms, including Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

About Vanessa

Vanessa is a single mom and special needs parent. Described as a decision-maker and a driver, she finds purpose in inspiring others to greatness through positive influences and building a new road to beginnings.

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