Echo Digital’s automated marketing and sales system has disrupted the Insurance Broker Industry

Providers of innovative marketing solutions, Echo Digital, combine advertising, web development, email and text marketing to offer an all-inclusive marketing solution to the insurance industry

Brad Dahl and his team at Echo Digital have literally disrupted the insurance industry with their automated marketing solution that offers a comprehensive package to insurance agencies. The unique product is a combination of advertising, web development, email and text marketing, and pre/post-sales follow-up.

Imagine a salesperson that generates new appointments daily, always called and emailed prospective clients back, always asked to upsell single policyholders to multi policies, and never made a mistake. All for far less than an employee’s minimum wage,” said Brad Dahl, CEO Echo Digital.

The insurance industry remains an important sector of any economy. Over the years, the global insurance industry has witnessed steady growth, with life insurance leading the park, as businesses and individuals seek to protect themselves and their assets against different kinds of loss or damage. According to a report published on Statista, average insurance penetration worldwide was around 7.2% in 2019, with the figures expected to increase in the coming years. However, many of the stakeholders in the industry, especially insurance agencies and coverage providers, still struggle to reach their target audience and convert them to customers. Consequently, Echo Digital aims to enable insurance agencies increase their sales by helping them leverage AI and digital marketing solutions.

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Echo Digital offers a solution that utilizes SMS, email, social, direct, voicemail, and real voice marketing across every social media platform to generate leads and nurture them to paying clients. The solution helps insurance agencies to reach their target audience, automate sales, and maintain contact with customers. The features of the product include lead generation, analytics office, reputation management, and branding. Echo Digital’s system is so effective they only work with select partners and only one per state.

“Our relationship must be symbiotic. In order to have a successful marketing company, the insurance brokerage we partner with must be successful, too. That’s why we only work with a few companies. By not spreading our efforts over too many businesses, we ensure our partners are converting the most sales,” said Brad Dahl, CEO Echo Digital.

The revolutionary marketing system is upsetting traditional strategies employed by life insurance agents. The user-friendliness and comprehensiveness of Echo Digital’s solution have endured it to insurance businesses, with accolades coming from different quarters.

This marketing is done for me and I just focus on closing policies with high AP. I was hooked after the 1st month. I was so excited after they got appointments rolling in within 3 hours of going live!” said Lilibeth of Archangel insurance.

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About Echo Digital

Echo Digital was founded by serial entrepreneur, Brad Dahl, as a marketing company to bring businesses closer to their customers – existing and new. Brad runs an IT company, a marketing company, and a restaurant business, leveraging his vast experience to run successful marketing campaigns for businesses across different industries.

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