Producer-Aspirant Judo Keys Is Changing the World of Music With His Incredibly Diverse Sound

Producer-Aspirant Judo Keys Is Changing the World of Music With His Incredibly Diverse Sound

In the conditions imposed by today’s era where social activities are severely limited, people seem to have found more time for their more creative endeavors. For artist and aspiring music producer Judo Keys, this meant more time dedicated to studying and learning about the various aspects and nuances of music production. 

The Moreno City native’s love for music has no limitations—from the electronic to the heavy metal, he is exploring various genres on his mission to become a major contender in the music production industry. A noticeable trend in today’s music is that artists and producers tend to lean towards one or two genres and nothing else. In particular, this artist had lived his life immersed in the varying vibes of rock, hip hop, reggaeton, and a number of other genres. He hopes to maintain that diversity of taste in music even long after he establishes his brand. 

“You never know what you can expect from my music,” he says, but while his music will be incredibly diverse in genre and the overall vibe, there will always be a specific nuance that will soon be known as the Judo Keys’ signature style. “But you can be sure that what I’m bringing will be a fresh new sound in the music industry.”

When it comes to the people with a vision, the most admirable thing is their openness to admitting their limitations and seeking help from their veteran counterparts. Judo Keys knows that he has a lot to learn in music, especially in production. His dream of becoming a renowned music producer has brought him from his home city to Los Angeles in search of opportunities to increase his knowledge and skills from experienced mentors. Still, he knows that his goal is worth the effort of the extended travel time.

Judo Keys’ path towards the fulfillment of his goal has brought him to encounter some significant individuals, one of which is The Hyphenate, a fellow artist with whom he currently produces music. In addition, he met with rising artists who are working with bigger stars, including Tainy, producer to J Balvin and Bad Bunny, and Benny Blanco, who worked with pop superstar Justin Bieber on his latest single.

The aspiring producer has a passion for music that has been nurtured from a young age. Not one to shy away from the limelight, he had grown up playing the piano for various functions, ranging from church service accompaniments and streetside performances in Riverside, California. His captivating musical skills have been a product of consistent practice since he began playing at age 11.

Today, he hopes to bring the magic of music that will immerse the listeners and let them forget their troubles at that moment. In the quest to grow as an artist and reach more people with his sound, his latest single, titled Move On, is only the beginning of his rise to stardom.

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