Michael Barbieri Launches His App Waldoo to Solve Glaring Issue for Businesses

Michael Barbieri Launches His App Waldoo to Solve Glaring Issue for Businesses

It is no news that influencer marketing has risen in popularity and prominence over the last few years and will remain so for years to come. The rise of influencer marketing will remain so as long as social media users with huge followers and unique thought processes continue to create content with exceptional digital marketing techniques.

When one speaks of influencer marketing, Michael Barbieri is an expert who saw all the challenges businesses face when connecting with influencers. And to solve these challenges, he decided to make the process easier and more accessible to everyone. He created Waldoo, a web-based app that connects businesses with influencers. Michael created Waldoo to enable small businesses and influencers to take advantage of influencer marketing’s incredible opportunities. Waldoo was designed to cater to business owners because it brings them extraordinary value in terms of ease of use and ROI for their marketing campaigns.

Michael describes Waldoo as a web-based app (similar to a dating app) that matches businesses and internet influencers for social media or digital marketing campaigns. “Users swipe left and right to acknowledge that they “like” or “dislike” another user. When they have a mutual “like,” a match is made, and the business and influencer gets a direct line of communication. Allowing them to discuss an influencer campaign that they can then turn into a proposal via the chat on the platform,” he explained. 

On what separates Waldoo from its competition, Michael said, “Waldoo is the first influencer marketing platform that has the ease of use similar to a dating app. We also don’t require our users to pay anything until there is a deal in place, at which point we take a minimal 8% service fee. We are the easiest to use, free to use, and most user-friendly influencers marketing platform in existence.”

On how the platform ensures that every party respects the agreement and carry out their respective responsibilities, once both sides accept the proposal, the money is safely locked in escrow pending the time the influencer carry out the agreed-upon work. The money gets paid out after both parties confirm the completion of the job. Influencer marketing averages $6.02 ROI per $1 spent on campaigns, and Waldoo makes it easy for businesses, regardless of size, to capitalize on this incredible form of digital marketing. The ability to capture a preexisting audience that trusts the influencer’s opinion help businesses stop guessing and wasting money on typical ads.

Recently Waldoo matched aCoin Company with a Tiktok influencer with 600k followers. The campaign cost was $250, and within a week, it has yielded a 20,000% ROI and helped coinstv grow their email subscription list by over 3000 users in just one week! There is an influencer that’s already captivated an audience of any niche just waiting for the business to leverage their audience. Whether you have $50 to spend or $50,000 – there is an influencer out there that can help you grow your business.

To learn more about Waldoo, connect with Michael on social media by following him onInstagram.

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