Chef Duran Ross Takes Over the Twin Cities With Minneapolis Marinara

Chef Duran Ross Takes Over the Twin Cities With Minneapolis Marinara

The world is fast-paced, and as far as food goes, anything no longer goes. Healthy foods are getting increasingly popular, and many people around the world are making conscious efforts to adopt a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle in the food area is only possible with the help of nutritionists and chefs, and Chef Duran Ross is right in the middle of making healthy meals available to everyone who wants them. With his special vegan meal brand called Minneapolis Marinara, Chef Duran is playing his role in helping people eat good and healthy food.

Based in Minneapolis, Chef Duran Ross has spent the last decade building a name and brand in the Twin Cities’ food scene. He worked as a Sous Chef for a Major League Baseball team for some years, and it was during this time in 2016 that he created Minneapolis Marinara. It became an instant hit that made him incorporate it to be a brand. It was a part-time thing, but he always sought after something bigger and more significant. Duran Ross’s motivation comes from his desire to make a name for himself and provide a desirable life for his two daughters.

In the wake of the pandemic in 2020, Chef Duran Ross decided to establish a brand around Minneapolis Marinara, which gave birth to Minneapolis Marinara Inc. During the pandemic, he pursued every available opportunity and got licenses for all his business ideas. He started by doing pop-up restaurants around the Twin Cities and created a special Minneapolis Soul Menu, which has enjoyed a high level of success over the past months. Chef Duran is currently looking forward to doing more pop-ups and catering.

Minneapolis Marinara is fully black-owned and operated and is pushing to become a dominant force within the black community and beyond. It is also a family-business run by a single father and his two daughters. Chef Duran is focused on targeting everyone who likes food and every cool person who loves to eat healthy meals. Minneapolis Marinara offers a wide variety of healthy and vegan meal options with a tagline that says, “Cooking with love and positivity.”

The Minneapolis Soul is the new must-have experience available to people in the Twin Cities looking for healthy food. The brand itself is 100% vegan offering heavy vegan meal options. It also one of the brands that sprang up during the pandemic and currently thriving. “My goal is to deliver my services to everyone who likes good healthy food and everyone who needs catering. I am open to partnerships and support from everyone looking to support a black-owned business. For quite some time, I searched for something that could bring me the fulfillment that I desired, and I struggled with that for a while. Now, I run a brand that delivers delicious healthy meals and quality without all the garbage.

Learn more about Minneapolis Marinara on the official website or check out the Facebook and Instagram pages.

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