Booty Band Creator Azaria West Makes Staying Fit Easier

Booty Band Creator Azaria West Makes Staying Fit Easier

Founder Of Bondi Booty Is Helping Women Successfully Reach Their Fitness Goals

Many women struggle to meet their health and fitness goals simply because they don’t have the time. Balancing a full-time job while keeping their family happy and healthy leaves very little room for the gym. The idea of spending countless hours a week working out to get the body they want is almost impossible.  

Azaria West knows all too well how much of a struggle it is to stay fit, on top of everything else she has to do in a day. When it came to her personal fitness, her two biggest challenges were finding efficient ways to burn fat, whilst building her booty to create that Hollywood hourglass look. Her schedule didn’t allow her to spend countless hours at the gym doing different exercises to work on these goals either. 

That wasn’t going to stop her from finding a way to stay fit, Azaria knew there had to be an easier way for people to make time for their personal fitness. She was determined to make things achievable for everyone with a similar goal in mind and spent several months doing intensive research on the subject. 

Azaria discovered a new way of booty building, which is exactly how Bondi Booty began.

How Bondi Booty Is Making Fitness Easier

Bondi Booty first launched their line of booty bands in 2019. Each booty band is designed specifically to make the process of booty building simpler for everyone. Like Azaria, many people struggle with building their glute muscles compared to other muscles in the body. These bands help ensure that people are correctly working their booty muscles. 

If people don’t give their glutes enough attention while working out then they could overcompensate in other areas which may lead to muscle imbalance or even injury. Using a Bondi Booty band can help people avoid this by activating their booty while they take part in strength training. 

Booty bands are versatile and can be used in many different exercises. Many people use them as enhancers for their workouts, but they can also be used on their own for various styles of bodyweight exercises. For more ideas on how to use Bondi Booty in different workouts, visit their Instagram page at

All booty bands from Bondi Booty are made from 100 % all-natural cotton. There are three different thickness levels to choose from, so it’s suited to all fitness levels – ranging from beginners all the way through to elite athletes. They are strong and durable so they won’t snap or roll during workouts. Bondi Booty only uses the best for their booty bands.

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