Local mosquito control company Mosquito Mary’s offers veterans and first respondents massive discounts on franchising

Mosquito Mary’s is a family operated business that provides all-natural mosquito and tick control services. They are currently providing franchising opportunities with a good amount of return and added benefits.

Foxboro, MA, United States – According to Kris Acone, “Franchisees can get excited about getting in on the ground floor of a fast-growing, up-and-coming franchise system. Not to mention Mosquito Mary’s bright and playful colors.” Due to their high energy business, Mosquito Mary’s is always looking for smart, dedicated entrepreneurs who are excited by new opportunities and love marketing and team building.

They offer the lowest franchise fee in the industry along with various discounts to support and encourage applicable candidates to explore the Mosquito Mary’s franchise opportunity without the stress of applying for support through financial institutions and burdening family and friends. They are now offering veterans and first responders 75% off on their initial franchise fee which saves them a significant amount of money while receiving a monthly invoice credit as well.

New owners can now reduce the amount of $29,500 to just $7375 for veterans and first responders who qualify under the terms of the agreement. Not only this, but an additional $12,000 can be saved while creating an invoice credit of $100 for the time of their overall agreement. Considering the implications of the new world that has been affected by the global pandemic, the service offered by Mosquito Mary’s proves to be a great franchising opportunity at an excellent price.

The massive discount offered in the veteran and first responders program is Mosquito Mary’s way of thanking veterans for their service. For many versions, transitioning out of service to their normal life can be a difficult journey. Mosquito Mary’s is dedicated to helping veterans find success and progress through the mosquito control franchise opportunities. Most veterans are at an age and time in their life were starting up a new business once the service is over can be considered difficult hence franchising can be a great way to be earning once again.

Mosquito Mary’s is a very welcoming place for veterans and first responders as it gives them the tools they need to build a successful business after their service. There are a number of franchise initiatives available for the veteran franchisees and first responders such as a very low franchise fee. Reduced royalties for the term of the agreement as well as Mosquito Mary’s location options. There are 400 potential markets available to choose from. 20.4% Pre Tax Owner Benefit in a WeekDay only business, as well as SBA, approved franchise financing are some of the benefits offered.

Mosquito Mary’s proven business model can maximize their success and ensure the growth of their brand. The veteran and first responder program help them grow a thriving Mosquito Mary’s territory, achieve financial independence as well as build a profitable business for themselves. Franchising with Mosquito Mary’s is extremely easy as they offered trusted guidance right from day one. Franchisees should always possess a passion for the brand and the desire to help more consumers. While mosquito control, or even pest control, experience is not required, the ideal candidate should have an entrepreneurial spirit and experience in sales, marketing, or retail.

Other than the discount and the lower prices are given to veterans and first responders, Mosquito Mary’s provide a lot of help and support while setting up, and growing the business through managing day-to-day operations. A designated support manager is always assigned to assist the new owners with training them throughout the year. They also provide operations support during the year is to ensure the success and growth of the new franchise. Other than this, Mosquito Mary’s has on-board the most reputable vendors in the industry. These vendors offer the best market rates which lead to substantial savings in the purchasing of products, supplies, and equipment for the new business.

Even if the veterans and first responders are not completely sure if they are the correct fit for Mosquito Mary’s they can always take the help of their franchise business coaches in order to understand things better. The overall procedure of becoming an owner is simple and extremely informative. Once the online form is complete, the profile will be evaluated in terms of qualifications as a potential franchisee. Once that is out of the way, applicants can review the numbers and learn about their funding options in order to make a well-informed decision. Additionally, a significant amount of marketing support and assistance in creating a proven marketing plan is also provided in order to support the business.

As a service, Mosquito Mary’s is an exceptional mosquito control company that customers love and trust. Franchising with them is not only beneficial but also successful in terms of goodwill with customers. Their methods of treatment and success rates are what builds the trust of the client in them. The company currently offers its services in several locations such as Lake Norman, Stanley, Myrtle Beach, Concord, Cornelius, Richmond and many more. Even if the area is not listed, people can give them a call on their number and book their services.

The team at Mosquito Mary’s is fully licensed and trained. The technicians know exactly how to target mosquitoes and ticks by applying the barrier treatment to the customer’s yard and surrounding areas in order to create a virtual barrier to keep mosquitoes and ticks far away from their home, family, and pets.

The mosquito prevention service begins with a full inspection, where the technician will inspect the property for possible breeding areas that include, standing water, in and overturned garbage can, low lawn or flowerbed areas that tend to hold water, under decks, around patios, or even the possibility of clogged gutters that create a perfect hidden mosquito breeding site. After this, the spray treatment is their highly effective mosquito control backpack.

The technician will professionally apply their customised mosquito spray around the perimeter of the property focusing on common breeding areas like pools, patios, decks, flowerbeds, swings search, and other sites. Customers can enjoy instant results because the customised spray does not only kill the mosquitoes on contact, it also masks the carbon dioxide that humans naturally exhilarate is what attracts the mosquitoes. Additionally, it continues working as a highly effective mosquito repellent for as long as 21 days after treatment.                   

About the company:

Mosquito Mary’s is a family-owned business with Nick and Kevin Spencer of Massachusetts as the owners. The management at Mosquito Mary’s understands the importance of keeping family, pets, and the environment safe when applying their customized control solutions. That is why they only use people and pet-friendly mosquito and tick control solutions.

Their propitiatory blend of essential oils and plant extracts is completely effective and cost efficient, unlike many harsh chemicals used by other companies. Choosing Mosquito Mary’s is advantageous for clients because they offer residential mosquito control as well as special event treatments. They are the #1 choice among homeowners for affordable and effective mosquito and tick prevention. Currently, Mosquito Mary’s has launched franchises in several locations and is also providing franchising opportunities as well as discounts to veterans and first responders. Being a family-owned business, they understand all the essential elements of making a business work making the overall franchise procedure easy, simple, and trustworthy for new owners.

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