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Sustainability, modern approach and innovation are the cornerstones of Suren Uppal Offices, better known as SUO. SUO is a legal partnership firm managed by a team of dynamic, result oriented, opinionated and career driven legal professionals and entrepreneurs providing expeditious, effective and feasible legal remedies and solutions to a wide spectrum of clients. The demeanour of the professionals at SUO has become the ensample of magnanimous obsession, passion and dedication towards getting the most favourable legal solutions for their clients’ endeavours and legal tiffs. SUO has successfully provided personalised and responsive legal solutions to clients in matters relating to FDI, private equity, venture capital, white collar and corporate crimes, dispute resolution, start-up and entrepreneurship and consultancy. SUO places it’s convictions in its team’s attention to detail, commendable sequential thinking, articulation and presentation of thoughts and persuasively drafted proposals and arguments.

With the strong resolute that a skilled lawyer understands all angles of a business situation by analysing all possibilities and finding loopholes in all conjectures, SUO is now spreading its wings to a dynamic business model focussed on international employment generation for the skilled human resources that are known to be global assets. By leveraging over the vast network of connections globally that SUO has built over these years, SUO has birthed its brainchild, coined as “SUO World” which shall be a platform operating in the US, Canada, England, Ireland, Singapore and UAE and would be committed to bridge the rift that has been created between the emerging global employment opportunities for the human resource on one hand and the abundance of human resources on the other. By creating this platform SUO World, the team at SUO wishes to lead the developing civilizations to an equitable and justifiable state, wherein the human kind, coupled with the resources available to the human kind are utilised for the sustainable development and growth of the entire humanity.

SUO World is the manifestation of the philosophy that all the resources should be equitably distributed in the global community, be it the demographic advantage of one nation, the technical resources of another nation, the natural resources, or the financial resources so as to create business opportunities. SUO World is premised on the edifice of creating a one-stop-destination for all the overseas jobs seekers alongside also aiding the international recruiters in retaining their native jobs and yet having the advantage of cost arbitrage.

While this endeavour shall remain a gold mine for the international recruiters, the team at SUO World seeks to translate the talents of the global human resource into greater number of opportunities that they can seek abroad. Also specialising in immigration consultancy services, the team at SUO World wishes to change the distress that overseas immigration and relocation causes to any human resources world over.

SUO World acknowledges that political boundaries and the laws across various jurisdictions have led to deterrence and lack of trust and apprehensions with respect to the humans dealing amongst themselves. Hence, SUO World emerges as a business model that shall be drawn from reviving this lost trust and lead to the interdependence of humans in an economically viable and sustainable manner without compromising in any manner on the principles of the rule of law and equity that are inalienable in the forthcoming social-economic paradigm.

SUO World shall operate to serve the global mission of connecting the global employment opportunities to the merited and employable human resource and to reduce the adoption time of technology from a technology abundant country to a human resource oriented country that would ultimately lead to an equitable access to technology and evolution of new technology world over.

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