How to pick industrial wastewater polyacrylamides

Commercial wastewater supplies businesses include paper mills, printing and dyeing plants, circuit board plants, electroplating plants, washing plants and other industries. The origin of the wastewater is related to the raw materials used in the workshop. For example, electroplating of wastewater circuit boards is mostly acidic, while printing and dyeing of wastewater is mostly alkaline. A neutralizing agent is required to change the pH value of the water to the acceptable range.

No matter which polyacrylamide producer manufactures flocculants, there are three types of ionic flocculants that are anionic, cationic and non-ionic. The prices of the three ion groups are very different.When referring to the treatment of water, it is important to choose the form and to decide the usage after the model is transparent, in order to prevent the waste of materials caused by an incorrect circumstance.

The pH importance of water quality must be calculated when choosing polyacrylamide for industrial wastewater. Cationic polyacrylamide may be used preferably under acidic conditions. In the opposite, anionic polyacrylamide is most commonly used under alkaline conditions. Anions and cations are chosen according to the acid and alkali used in the flocculation of wastewater.

In the case of sludge dewatering, it is important to determine whether the sludge is organic or inorganic sludge. In the experiment, the compactness of the flocs was observed, followed by response time and dosage and, ultimately, the compactness and dewatering rate of the sludge.If you choose to decide which form of polyacrylamide is to be used for industrial wastewater, you can opt to do so by integrating the above points.

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