Turn Private Mortgage Notes into Fast Cash with 133 Approved Funding Inc.

Miami, FL, USA – January 8, 2021 – 133 Approved Funding Inc. is launching a service to help people turn private mortgage notes and commercial notes into ready money. ‘Private Mortgage Notes’ will allow holders of private residential mortgage notes, business notes, and other contractual obligations to sell those notes to the professional contract buyers at 133 Approved Funding Inc. without having to go through a bank.

During these challenging times, 133 Approved Funding Inc. is committed to helping people sell when they need fast cash and have limited options. ‘Private Mortgage Notes’ does not rely on one’s credit and therefore is more accessible to those who need it. The experienced buyers at 133 Approved funding can; not only purchase an entire note but also assist with fractional sales of private mortgage notes or even purchase a note incrementally to provide the seller with liquidity when needed.

Roosevelt Morris, CEO of 133 Approved Funding Inc., believes, “unemployment is at an all-time high, and people are losing everything. ‘Private Mortgage Notes’ can solve many financial issues now!” The service can help people unable to qualify for loans, leverage their real estate for the cash needed to keep from losing their businesses and homes. It can also help them get the funding they need to grow their businesses to secure their future success.

133 Approved Funding Inc. specializes in small business funding and offers international financing. They say ‘yes’ when the bank says, ‘no.’ They will obtain the funding applicants qualify for, so they can grow their business, guaranteed. There are no credit checks, and one can easily apply by texting “FundMe” to 26786. One can learn more about 133 Approved Funding and how they can help at www.133approvedfunding.com.

Sign up for a free, no-obligation, 30-minute consultation at tinymm.com/4eJGs and receive a free guide valued at $79, “When the Banks say No!”

About Roosevelt Morris

Roosevelt Morris, aka Doctor Funding, is President/CEO of 133 Approved Funding Inc., an author, award-winning finance and funding expert, and retired Marine. After nine years in the finance and mortgage business, Morris continues to have a driving tenacity for small business success in keeping with his Marine Corps creed of “never leave a brother or sister behind.”

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