WASP Innovations Launches Its New TPMS Website: T-P-M-S.com

Wasp Innovations offers aftermarket Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems suitable for many applications from RV to Semi Truck. Currently the two systems it offers can handle up to 22 wheels if needed, its Reach model is a cost effective method to monitor any RV tires from travel trailers to motorhomes even towing a car. The WASP Vista 22 while capable of handling the same RVs has the capacity and power to monitor Semi Trucks and can offer a trailer drop and trailer switching option.

Both WASP systems offer quick install sensors with replaceable batteries and don’t require awkward tools to install. With this type of sensor there is no need to remove tires to install the sensors as with the older internal band sensor styles.

Both the Reach and the Vista models that WASP offers are totally wireless and there is no need for wired antennas. With both systems both visual and audible alarms are sent directly to the vehicle operator should any tire have deflation, over inflation or heat issues allowing the operator to attend to any issues.

For the environmentally conscious it’s a well known fact that correctly inflated tires means the vehicle uses less fuel, handles and brakes better, plus tires last longer. Aftermarket TPMS systems are a great way to reduce ones Carbon Footprint while making highway travel safer.

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