6 Reasons Everyone Needs to Get the Damn Winter Tires

Indianapolis, IN, USA – January 11, 2021 – 1300+ people die with almost 117,000 injured annually in vehicular collisions on pavement covered in snow, slush, and ice, according to the Federal Highway Administration.

80% of winter tire owners think that winter tires saved their lives. That stat is from a 2019 Leger survey by the Tire & Rubber Association of Canada.

The statics above help create a clear picture of how passing up on financial solutions to get the damn winter tires cost people in the long run!

Canada has some of the most experienced hazardous-weather drivers around. Take note that our neighbors to the north understand the importance of winter tires.These seasoned drivers know that a used $50 all-season tire isn’t going to cut it.

So, what makes the everyone else dither over the cost?

Do people really think that $500 for a set of 4 winter tires (before installation) outweighs the value of human lives?

Winter tires are only used in what would be the winter months by definition, so it’s pretty easy to spread 30,000 miles over the course of several winters.

The cost of winter tires spread out over 30,000 miles equates to pennies on the dollar to keep people and their families safe.

Why are many putting others including themselves and their loved ones at risk when they don’t have to? Perhaps they are not considering the value of using winter tires compared to the cost of making the purchase?

Here are the 6 main reasons everyone needs to take advantage of financial solutions now available to all, to get the damn winter tires.

Winter tires aren’t what they used to be. Thirty years ago, they had a reputation for mushy handling. Those days are gone if we are to heed Edmunds and Consumer Reports. And frankly, all should heed the message they are both reporting on the matter.

In fact, according to a 2016 report by John Woodrooffe (Sustainable Worldwide Transportation of the University of Michigan) found that at least SIX of the reasons winter tires save lives are because:

1. Winter tires now have improved tire adhesion, braking and cornering performance.
2. Winter tires now have improved traction on roads that are below 45 degrees F. Doesn’t matter if snow and ice are present. Traction improved by leaps and bounds on all roads affected by cold-weather conditions.
3. Winter tires now have a shorter stopping distance by up to 35% than all-season tires and by up to 50% than summer tires.
4. Winter tires reduce crash frequency (and therefore insurance claims).
5. With winter tires, there is no need to buy a 4-wheel drive vehicle if you put (4) winter tires on a 2-wheel drive vehicle. Winter tires on that 2-wheel drive vehicle will outperform a 4-wheel drive with only all-season tires.
6. With innovations in crash-avoidance technologies, winter tires now play an even bigger role in functionality and stability control.

What’s the takeaway?

For the safety of everyone’s family, it’s better to have winter tires, so no one is ever in the position of a scary wipeout as they fight the loss of traction. Humans all have the tragic flaw of underestimating grip on dry roads and overestimating grip in the snow. Either one is a recipe for a serious collision.

Now, how do you finance something like $500 if you have bad credit?

That’s an even easier decision than whether to get the damn winter tires.

For Tire Retailers, Joe The Finance Guy has a No-Credit-Needed Payment Program that can approve customers for up to $5000 within 25 seconds regardless of credit history. Customers can complete a quick 1-page application online or by phone.

Qualifications are simple:

• 3 months consecutive income
• 90 days with a checking account
• Make over $1000 a month

Joseph Stepke is here to serve the Tire & Wheel Community and give retail customers the security needed for themselves and/or within their family.

Please visit Joe The Finance Guy’s website to sign up or learn more about our program.


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