Primealete Nutrition: The Up-and-Coming Franchise to Get into This 2021

Primealete Nutrition: The Up-and-Coming Franchise to Get into This 2021

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic began making its rounds, health has taken the top priority in governments and people. Countless individuals worldwide have embarked on a quest for a better lifestyle. 

Placing the elusive treasure box in plain sight, Primealate Nutrition LLC offers affordable, balanced meal preps for clients nationwide.

Providing an extensive menu of nutrition-based meal plans, Primealete Nutrition LLC is the top aid for getting rid of bad habits and adopting a healthier lifestyle. Known as Michigan’s Number One Meal Prep Company, Primealeate is trusted by thousands of clients and provides over thirty thousand meals weekly.

The idea for the renowned meal prep company began with a need and a passion. “The passion was bodybuilding, and the need was food,” Amine Zreik, from Primealete Nutrition LLC, shares, “specific food, at specific times, multiple times a day.”

Living through the headache of shopping, preparing, eating, and cleaning three full meals a day through seven days a week, the team behind the lauded meal prep company thought there must be an alternative. 

“Eating might be a necessity for survival, but it sure doesn’t need to be monotonous.” Anchoring their venture on this belief, Primealete Nutrition LLC was born. Having provided a unique solution to their clientele’s needs, it came as a surprise to the company when most of their clients weren’t serious fitness enthusiasts.

They were moms, dads, teachers, business owners, police officers, and college students. They were busy people leading hectic, individual lives. “And we were able to simplify their daily need to eat without the usual compromises of health, quality, and time.”

At its core, Primealete Nutrition LLC solved the same problem that plagued its founders – how to get more time in life. With deadlines being the norm and close relationships requiring attention, time seems to slip out of grasp, and the luxury of buying and preparing a meal is not one enjoyed by the majority. 

“We shouldn’t have to choose between health, quality, variety, specificity, or time at the expense of the others just to satisfy a basic need. So we’ve made it our mission to make sure people don’t have to make those sacrifices.”

Making good on its newfound mission, Primealete Nutrition LLC expanded its services and now offers subscription packages and prepaid packages for impressively affordable prices.

With their plans going from five meals to twenty under their subscription packages and 140 meals to 520 in their prepaid section, Primealete offers everything from barbeque chicken, sirloin steak, alfredo shrimp to veggie burgers. 

Delivering 100% Halal, delicious and nutritious meals furthered by their mission, the popular meal-prep company is taking its number one position not just in Michigan but in the world – determined to secure healthy intake despite busy lives within this pandemic and beyond. 

Scour Primealete Nutrition LLC’s delectable menu on the nutrition company’s official website. Learn more about the mission behind Michigan’s Number One Meal Prep Company and its services by following its journey on Instagram.

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