Sig Official Representing the Underrepresented Via Her Music

Sig Official Representing the Underrepresented Via Her Music

Sig Official is a Haitian artist whose music is heavily influenced by the Afrobeat culture, Haitian Kompa, and Zouk, who seek to reach underrepresented people. She also hopes to bring to the notice of the rest of the world what it looks like to live in third world countries like Haiti, her home country. Sig Official, born, Sigourney Sterling is an LA-based independent artist. The latter began her career as a producer for local artists while attending college at the Arts institute before finding her calling on the mic.

Upon discovering her hidden talent and aptitude as an artist, she made her way across to the west coast, where she started recording her African mannered sounds and music. SigOfficial’s music has been powering through showcases the Afro beats and Kompa mix. Sig is best known for having mastered diverse and distinct music genres while exposing, promoting, and shining a light on eclectic sounds in hip hop culture. Sig Official represents diversity. Her most recent single ”Kreyol,” has achieved tremendous results in her immediate local community in LA and her community back home in Haiti.

Thanks to her team for making it possible for her music to be streamed on all platforms, making it easier for people worldwide to enjoy her music. According to Sig, not only does she make music with euphoric melodies that everyone from various cultures can enjoy, but she has also created a safe space for her culture to be known and heard. People from all over are now able to stream her music on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, and many more platforms this upcoming year.

While building her brand, Sig identified that music nowadays falls in the same category: hip hop and rap, so she decided to be slightly different in her approach and delivery. Hence, the reason her music touches base with other cultures. She uses her ability to speak another language to reach and attract multiple viewers, especially the underrepresented and the misunderstood people who cannot be themselves. In her words, “The LBGTQ+ community is essential to me; being from a third world country where who I am is frowned upon by the people. Many people from all over are now able to relate to my music and me as well. My music breaks the social norm, thus making me dissimilar from another musical artist. “

Sig describes her brand as unique because she uses it to showcase the people’s experiences, especially the hardship in her birth country, Haiti, and the rest of the world. And since many people can’t speak out about their experiences or get the recognition they deserve, her music is meant to give people a sense of identification and belonging.

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