Gregory Candelario’s Nutrables on Moving the Gummy Market Forward

Gregory Candelario's Nutrables on Moving the Gummy Market Forward

The vitamin gummy market has existed for quite some time now. First emerging as a tastier health supplement for the busy populace, it has recently expanded to provide for vegetarians and vegans worldwide expressly. 

Staying on top of the rising demand, widely-admired entrepreneur and decorated Marine Gregory Candelario’s gummy manufacturing company “Nutrables” is reinventing the gummy market for the better. 

With an impressive over 50,000 square feet soon to be dedicated to producing USDA Organic Pectin gummies for the Vitamin, Mineral, Supplement market, Nutrables is helping the supply issue for the growing gummy demand worldwide. The company provides for the world’s biggest brands connected to giant retail chains such as Walmart, Target, CVS, Walgreen, Costco, and Sam’s Club.

The Vitamin, Mineral, Supplement (VMS) gummy manufacturing company was founded by a group of industry experts eager to reinvent the nutraceutical gummy marketplace – excited to meet and exceed the demand sustainably and efficiently. 

One of the renowned company’s founders, Gregory Candelario, carries extensive and in-depth knowledge of the gummy market’s intricacies, which contains supplements for the active functional, nutraceutical, and medicated markets. He reveals these markets are what he believes to be the future of the new emerging demand for dietary supplements for the gummies and the critical strategic answer on how to solve the supply and demand issue. 

In Nutrables, Chief Technology Officer Greg Candelario focuses on creating innovative end-products through low-cost production, as is apparent in his commitment to process development, formulations, equipment, and the new facility design which will employ over 200 new jobs in the Phoenix area. 

Operating on the trust of crucial equipment manufacturers and clients, the vitamin gummy production company ensures product compliance and technical training to increase market coverage. The team at Nutrables provides a range of tailor-made permanent solutions able to mold themselves and cover any crack or hole in the market.

With six state-of-the-art high output, environmentally controlled production rooms, Nutrables satisfies the growing demand. Its 24/7 high-tech facility is well capable of more than a million gummies per hour – staying at the forefront of the estimated five billion-dollar increase of the market in the next several years.

The new facility caps off 160 gummy bottles a minute with robotic packing stations and hosting an innovative drying room capable of drying within eight hours easing confectionery manufacturing, Nutrables is on track to closing a whopping hundred million in manufacturing contracts by 2022.

Through innovation, functional ingredients, and a fantastic team, the gummy manufacturing company is modernizing the art of nutraceutical gummies and accelerating its global acceptance as a healthier choice of supplements.

Witness as Gregory Candelario’s Nutrables helps lead the starch less vitamin gummy market forward and provides innovative solutions to industry problems. Reach out to Nutrables expert team on the company’s official website.

For more information on Greg Candelario and to learn more about his genius, visit the brilliant entrepreneur on Instagram or his official website

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