Murray the Magician Mesmerises Live Audiences and Online Audiences Alike

Murray the Magician Mesmerises Live Audiences and Online Audiences Alike

Social media and technology, in general, have brought about countless innovations in the world of entertainment. The most fascinating aspect of these innovations come in the form of social media entertainers. Murray the Magician is one of the only entertainers to have one of the strongest social media presences online. His videos have billions of views online, and he is equally regarded as one of the most entertaining live-performance magicians in Las Vegas.

Born and raised in Burnaby, British Columbia, Murray had always been fascinated with entertainment and a sense of adventure. At the bright young age of five, he developed an interest in music, learning to play the accordion, keyboard, and saxophone at such a young age. Once he turned seven years old, he would further exhibit his talents in athleticism and dance. He would join sporting events such as soccer, baseball, skiing, and horseback riding.

Eventually, he would find his one true passion in life upon receiving a magic kit as a gift. He then began getting inspiration as he further toyed around with the prospect of becoming an entertainer who incorporated his passion for magic, music, and dance in his routines. His passion would eventually fuel his desire to perform in front of audiences, including people that he looked up to, such as Dean Martin, Johnny Carson, Lucille Ball, Danny Kaye, and Phyllis Diller.

Nowadays, Murray, the Magician has become a certified online sensation. His YouTube channel alone has garnered massive attention, having over 1.7 million subscribers and gaining over a billion views. Murray also became a regular on History Channel’s hit reality show, Pawn Stars, working as their magic expert for their 11th season.

Not only is Murray the Magician dominating the digital space, but he is also carving his own space within traditional media such as television. He’s appeared on his 7th consecutive season of CW’s Masters of Illusion and has been prominently featured in over twenty-five reality TV shows. Murray, the Magician, even became a finalist on America’s Got Talent, which is an impressive feat all on its own. Currently, he performs live on the Las Vegas Strip as the resident show at the Tropicana Hotel-Laugh Factory five nights a week.

Murray the Magician has been cultivating his online presence throughout the years. He has acquired multiple accolades for his craft, earning over thirty awards to his name. He’s one of the most sought-after viral magicians on social media; for a good reason: the man is as magical as he is talented. His upload schedule consists of one to three videos per week, and he’s been gaining a wider audience day by day. His newest venture involved partnering up with fellow online entertainer Rick Lax and his Rick Lax Productions to produce new videos for 2021 on Facebook. 

Murray is a truly unique talent in the world of magic. He is the only social media entertainer who has a resident live show on the Las Vegas Strip with a combined presence online and live. Murray the Magician hopes to continue to entertain people as he cooks up plans toward touring worldwide.

Find out more about Murray the Magician by checking out his official website. He also creates content for YouTube and shares live updates on his Instagram.

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