Effectively Overcoming Trauma – Dr. Randall Bell’s Newly Released Book Is an Essential Healing Guide

Laguna Beach, California, USA – January 11, 2021 – Bestselling author and disaster recovery expert, Randall Bell, PhD has released his latest book, Post-Traumatic Thriving: The Art, Science, & Stories of Resilience. This new book provides a practical and strategic step-by-step approach for people to overcome trauma, experience healing and emerge stronger than ever. Helping readers identify various types of trauma, the author provides information and knowledge that can be adapted to each reader’s unique life situation to make the advice more beneficial.

Post-Traumatic Thriving is a highly comprehensive book that provides a healing framework in three stages: Dive, Survive and Thrive. While the Dive Stage helps readers with self-assessment and guides them towards understanding their trauma, the Survive Stage introduces them to preliminary techniques that initiate the journey towards healing. These steps include awareness, acceptance, forgiveness to separate the past from the present. Finally, the Thrive Stage helps readers reconnect with their inner joy, become resilient, and find success in life.

The book also introduces readers to the ‘trauma triage’ principles. Trauma triage addresses the present conditions so readers can understand how any trauma or abuse they are presently facing might hinder their healing from the past. This allows the reader to get to a safe place and start the authentic healing process.

Randall Bell, PhD, is a highly experienced sociologist and economist who has worked on disaster recovery projects with the United States, Canada, and Australia’s Federal governments. Working closely with trauma and tragedy, he has observed millions of people and their reactions to trauma from a sociological perspective. This has also given him a strong vantage point on how healing works and what it takes for people from all walks of life to recover effectively. In his latest book, he makes that knowledge applicable on an individual level to help people process, identify, and heal from personal traumas that might be hindering their progress in all areas of life.

With his work being featured in The Rolling Stone magazine, The Wall Street Journal, NBC’s Today Show, and many more, Randall Bell has found success in his methods. They are based on a decade’s worth of research focused on real victims of tragedy and the emotional consequences they faced. His work spans all 50 of the United States and the seven continents, which is a testament to his proactive goal of helping people. Dr. Bell is available for interviews.

Post-Traumatic Thriving: The Art, Science, & Stories of Resilience is now available on Amazon.com

Book Preview: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B08QYKPXBK

About Randall Bell, PhD: http://www.landmarkresearch.com/randall-bell-phd

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