YRB Ruby Launches the Music Scenes With Original Rap Sound and Style

YRB Ruby Launches the Music Scenes With Original Rap Sound and Style

In a world of multi-talented people all reaching for the spotlight, Chet Wynn Jenkins’s undeniable passion for writing, singing, and producing excellent music sets him far ahead of the competition. Best known by his stage name, YRB Ruby, Chet is a seventeen-year-old rapper outside Tulsa, Oklahoma. He is also a senior in high school. 

YRB Ruby’s musical journey is not a tale of overnight success but rather a tale of unfaltering passion and ironclad determination. His love for music has been evident since he was a child learning his alphabet, as he would write down songs to perform for his family. Like most kids, YRB enjoyed going out and playing, but his family members noted his unique interest in music at such a tender age. His father hoped that his interest in music would lead to a successful career as a country musician, enrolled him for music lessons, and bought him a guitar. However, as his musical taste grew, YRB Ruby decided that rap was his true calling and set about putting his talent and passion for music to fair use. 

Ever since he was a freshman in high school, YRB Ruby single-handedly wrote, recorded, and produced all of his songs between classes, sleep, and work. He represents talent and hard work because he understands what good music is and stays true to perfecting his skills, and he only released songs that he felt were worthy of public attention. After releasing his first four singles and a ten-song album with over 100,000 combined streams, YRB Ruby decided it was time to introduce his new and improved sound to the world. He removed all his early songs from sharing platforms besides Soundcloud, ensuring that the songs available to the public were the very best, the ones he spent all his waking and sleeping hours perfecting for his audience.

While a music career is a goal, YRB Ruby balances academics as a seventeen-year-old senior high school student with his music career, handling management, distribution, writing, recording, producing, and funding his musical projects. His rap lyrics’ ingenuity and uniqueness are recognized and appreciated by his fans, family, friends. He has already worked with legends in the music industry, such as Majin Boof, the artist behind several of Juice Wrld’s most famous album covers. 

Although heavily influenced by artists such as NAV, Juice WRLD, Lil TJay, and Polo, YRB Ruby considers his writing and music style different from the regular style. He is motivated to build his brand around this uniqueness as he realized he could reach even a wider audience who appreciate uniqueness. Another unique factor that YRB Ruby brings with him is his drive and efforts to succeed. Quoting a set of lyrics from one of his songs, he states, “I don’t stop when I’m tired, I stop when I’m done, that’s how you know that I won.” His priority is to reach out to record labels to sign him, guide him to musical greatness, and continually produce excellent music for rap and hip-hop fans.

In the future, YRB Ruby would love to go to college at Oklahoma State University and see himself become a brand, an art, and a musical icon inspiring millions of young artists. He hopes to own a record label to help young artists achieve their dreams. He maintains a positive outlook on his career, noting that time and dedication to any passion will always grant success.

YRB Ruby’s music is available via his website. He is also active onInstagram and Twitter, where he shares his progress towards a music career.

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