Electrobatix Takes the Electronic Music Experience to the Next Level with Its Artificially Intelligent Artist

Electrobatix Takes the Electronic Music Experience to the Next Level with Its Artificially Intelligent Artist

While many artists fear that artificial intelligence is taking over the spotlight today, some musicians have discovered a newfound passion for artificially intelligent artists as the key element in paving their path to newer and grander heights in the music industry. With that in mind, researchers and artificial intelligence experts have been working on making these machine learning systems available and accessible to music artists who are utilizing artificial intelligence to bolster their musical endeavors. Electrobatix is one of the select few artists taking the electronic music experience to the next level by incorporating artificial intelligence to create musical masterpieces.

Electrobatix is artistry founded on a musician’s passion for electronic music and electronics technology. This multi-sub genre artist is composed of a “cybertronic duo” divided into two parts: the biological aspect providing human ideas, concepts, and constructions, while the other half is an artificial intelligence system, represented by a specialized chatbot with a personality based upon its human half. The robot system is connected to a wide range of services and programs designed to assist in creating and performing music. Through artificial intelligence, virtual studio technology (VST) plugins, and a backdoor communication system relaying information to a central chatbot, artificially intelligent robots can easily produce creative beats and tracks that are unique and creative in their own way.

Over the years, Electrobatix has provided unique electronic music ranging from chill lo-fi beats to bass-filled party mixes on various music streaming platforms such as YouTube, Amazon Music, and Spotify. On SoundCloud alone, some of its previously-released beats, such as “What You Want” and “Dead Galaxy,” have amassed 20,000 to 50,000 streams. Today, the rising artist strives to give its listeners a unique live experience through a back to back performance of its artificially intelligent artist. 

Joseph Rudis, the musician behind Electrobatix, first realized his passion for electronic music when he attended a local music event that featured electronic dance music beats. After experiencing his first-ever bass drop while witnessing the amount of joy and excitement in the faces of the crowd, he knew right at that moment he would be pursuing this musical path. “I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I’ve never lost sight of that night to this day,” shares the rising artist.

Today, Electrobatix prides itself on being one of the few music visionaries introducing artificial intelligence into the art and music industry. Believing that automation and artificial intelligence play significant roles in the future of art, Joseph is thrilled to explore the potential offered by artificially intelligent bots in pushing music to the next level. 

In the future, he hopes to take Electrobatix to the next level not only on music streaming platforms but also in live music events. For now, the EDM maven is focused on releasing more tech-savvy musical masterpieces, slowly but surely introducing the power of artificial intelligence into the world of art.

To know more about Electrobatix and its musical projects, you may check them out on their official SoundCloud.

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