Your Eye Guardian Founder Benny Chang Announces New E-Book

E-book outlines sales growth strategies that don’t require an increase in overhead.

Your Eye Guardian founder and optometrist Benny Chang has announced the debut of a new e-book that shares beneficial strategies for increasing sales without increasing overhead for optometry practices.

Benny Chang founded Your Eye Guardian in 2002 to offer leading-edge optometry solutions to his clients but found difficulty in marketing. “I tried everything. You name it: price cuts, discounts, coupons, road shows, newspaper ads, networking events, radio shows… They worked but only for a brief period of time,” said Benny Chang.

Eventually, Benny Chang decided to leverage on social media to grow his business, and that’s when his business began to see meaningful, lasting growth. “I transformed from a solo to having a team of eight, and my business increased five times,” said Benny Chang.

Now, through his new e-book, Benny is sharing his strategies for success with others. In the book, Benny has outlined how eyecare businesses can seamlessly grow their businesses from three to five times without the need to hire new marketing staff. By using these strategies, independent optometrists can scale their businesses successfully and teams can continue to grow to fill their practices with clients.

Benny’s new e-book is available at no cost.

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