Ramon Adrian Navia Rosales Reveals His Ambitious Goals For 2021

Ramon Adrian Navia Rosales Reveals His Ambitious Goals For 2021

Adrian Navia – @pilotnavia

Ramon Adrian Navia Rosales, the leading ecommerce entrepreneur who has enjoyed stunning success in recent years, has revealed that he has huge plans for his enterprise. The Dinavi Team is eyeing an eight-figure business in the coming year and has created the blueprint needed to hit that ambitious goal. 

“People ask me where we want to go from here,” says Ramon while sharing his plans for the future. “My goal is to achieve eight-figure profit in one year, which translates to 10 million in sales. We are confident of achieving that goal next year.”

The ecommerce entrepreneur, who is the toast of the industry for some incredible achievements, started his career as a pilot in Ecuador in 2016 because he had a passion for flying. He also supported his parents in their business. He moved to New York and later to Miami in 2017 to pursue further studies in the field of aviation. He passed out of the class as one topper. 

However, around the same time, he pursued another of his favorite passions and that was business or more specifically ecommerce. He studied Business Administration to prepare himself for the ecommerce plunge. He was supported by two partners. Ramon says that they both played a crucial role in his subsequent success. 

By trying hard for a couple of years and using all the knowledge and tools at his disposal, Ramon finally saw his efforts yielding results. The Danavi Team made its first profit in 2019, and there has been no looking back ever since. The company has managed to invoice more than $4.5 million in sales and that too with an impressive margin of 35-40 percent, which is rare in the ecommerce business world.

The company opened its first office in September 2020, not only for conducting and managing their business but also to provide consultancy and advice to other ecommerce enthusiasts. Named Clubcommerce LLC, the office is used for handling all their business activities, stores, and also for offering online and in-person mentoring. It also has a fulfillment center. 

Ramon Adrian Navia Rosales believes that his success comes from his ability to have a very clear vision of his business and the end goals. Ramon is now striving to build a brand of his own that can achieve a stable turnover of three million dollars a month soon.  

Ramon and his partners, the Dinavi Team, think differently while strategizing for the growth of their ecommerce business and that’s why they have achieved so much in so little time. They make use of a powerful mix of creative ads and hard-to-refuse offers to sell to a larger audience in a shorter time and make record profits. 

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