2021: Outsource Next Employee of the Month with Upsource

UpSource is not another “cookie-cutter” start-up story.

Everyone was caught by surprise with last year’s turn of events, and uncertainty enveloped the business world. However, it is far from over as anew strain of virus welcomes 2021. Stricter health policies are rolled out, and remote work is imposed tosustain economic viability.

Businesses need to adapt – immediately. Transitioning to digital, working-from-home, strengthening online presence are just some of the few fundamental challenges that business owners are faced with, and more to come as the light at the end of the tunnel in our current predicament is not clear yet. It’s no secret that hiring a virtual assistant is a perfect way to affordably assign duties that might end up taking up all of the time, but finding the right platform to choose a skilled and competent virtual assistant according to business nature is a challenging task.

Thus, UpSource was founded to give every business idea a chance to change the world. They try to level the field by being the medium of support for start-ups, entrepreneurs, small businesses, and organizations in their visions and making dreams come true. UpSource provides digital marketing and sales outsourcing services through qualified and trained virtual assistants (VA).  They are on the mission to offer business processes support to start-ups, innovators and Entrepreneurs with team work of professional and quality remote Virtual Assistants that are well trained, licenced and qualified. UpSource is a leading player in Canada’s Virtual Assistant Services market, offering top-quality, reliable virtual assistants and dedicated account managers tracking working records regularly.

Today, recruiting virtual assistants has become a must for companies when they tend to reduce their heavy workload while improving their business. Every VA of UpSource is trained and qualified before onboarding with the client to ensure real help with their client’s needs. They also have a “team edition” system wherein every client’s contract is treated as a collaborative project. They required just 2 weeks to find the right fit for the client’s business goal. They also offer a discovery session with their account manager as per client’s need and approach.

Take, for example, a social media (SM) campaign. An SM post will undergo various processes from the brainstorming conception to creative creation such as writing and graphic design. It then analyses the engagement rate using Key Performance Indicators (KPI) tools to target the optimum results.

It is a tedious process that will cost a fortune in western geography. However, such is not always the case as globalization scaled down the world that enables competitive pricing. Their Team-system excludes the typical upheaval of recruiting individual freelancers, such as absences, restricted finances, and contact, among others. UpSource team is responsible for business with a higher sense of commitment and accountability.  Virtual Assistants possess a set of specialised skills that help companies perform small tasks or projects that can be completed independently and remotely in the comfort of their homes.

The Philippines continues to bag outsourcing projects because of its diverse historical and cultural aspects and incorporating the English Language as the medium of business communication. Moreover, Filipino have great working ethics that made them the top choice in the Virtual Assistant Industry.

Itsgovernment also displayed strong support and provided a dedicated economic zone to cater to the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry. It has promoted lenient tax regulations and preferential treatment to the industry’s investors. Bigbrands continue to enjoy these benefits from such wise business decisions.

Employees are investments; they are partners that make the business vision a reality. However, finding the right partners is not everyone’s forte. There is also the issue of micromanaging their tasks that may take a toll on other business matters you tend.

Delegate and let businesses other aspects be in full operation while doing what you do best. Outsource next “Employee of the Month” for as low as $6.99/hr. with no hidden charges and no contract for ease and flexibility, which is proof of their transparent pricing system. To know more, visit their website atupsourceteams.com or call 888-381-0404, toll-free.

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