Gilmedia Presents 3 Steps to Find Instagram Influencers

Gilmedia Presents 3 Steps to Find Instagram Influencers

As the top SEO agency in Toronto, Gilmedia has earned a great reputation for providing professional, sustainable and steady SEO services for businesses from a wide range of industries. The landscaping of SEO has been constantly evolving, Gilmedia is happy to share some valuable tips and steps to find good instagram influencers for any business. Please also bear in mind that SEO strategies take time to reveal results, so any business owner can contact Gilmedia to seek professional advice in forming a holistic, healthy and customized SEO plan…

Step 1: Conduct market research 

Every successful marketing strategy will require the marketer to further explore the business and audience. A deep and thorough understanding of the current marketing strategies, target consumers and competitors are vital. Every platform has its unique features and audiences, so people should also evaluate the necessity and effectiveness of using Instagram to promote the business.

Moreover, a marketer can take a deep look at the current Instagram account, review followers, check the interactions and even stalk the competitors. Are they successful? If they make mistakes, a marketer can avoid them, and if they succeed in using some influencer marketing strategies, the marketer can definitely look into it.

Step 2: Check the hashtags

Hashtags are always a good resource to get inspiration about the services, customers, competitors and even potential influencers. People can use the relevant hashtags to find influencers who are already using similar products or showing interests in buying the products.

Meanwhile, before a marketer reaches out to an influencer, he might also want to check the profile carefully. He needs to make sure that the profile is active, legitimate, and having real interactions with the followers. If he can find past sponsored posts, he will have a higher chance of getting the influencer to collaborate.

Step 3: Leverage the Influencer platforms

There are lots of platforms that a marketer can use to find good influencers in the industry. However, most of them might charge certain fees to offer the services. It might be worth it if they plan to invest more in building the influencer marketing in the long run.

Instagram marketing is only a small part of SEO marketing, and business owners can always find more ways to improve the website ranking. It is always recommended to give Gilmedia a call at (647)678-5858, and the SEO experts are always happy to offer premium services.

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