Author couple, Jason and Lisa Frost, have launched their new book: The Glass Between Us, Empowering Youth to Combat Digital Exploitation.

Author couple, Jason and Lisa Frost, have launched their new book: The Glass Between Us, Empowering Youth to Combat Digital Exploitation, A Vale-Based Approach to Screen-Driven Challenges. The book takes an in-depth look into the deplorable side of the digital landscape and its terrible effect on teens today. 

One of the major vices tackled in this book is the rampant wave of obscenity on the internet, and very much so, for according to available statistics, 93% of boys and 62% of girls were exposed to pornography before 18 while 39% of boys and 23% of girls have seen sexual bondage online. The stats continue with further alarming numbers. To curtail this, Lisa and Jason took it upon themselves to offer an escape route to teens who may have found themselves entangled in this menace. 

Speaking about the book, Jason said: “Youth are born into a pixelated reality, where sexting, swiping, pornification, and ghosting are the social norms. Adults who advocate for the well-being of teens face a trillion-dollar tech industry whose mission is to capture and monetize attention. In light of sophisticated social media algorithms, reality transcending gaming platforms, and the allure of orgasm on demand, guiding teenagers’ online interactions with rules and content filters alone has left parents and professionals feeling like a David facing off with Goliath. The Glass Between Us is a value-based guide for screen-driven challenges, filled with stories, interviews, practical tips, conversation starters, and evidence-driven solutions to tackle the complexities of our teens’ digital lives”.

The book was designed to create a structure that will enable, inspire and stimulate young ones to become trailblazers in the digital sphere, thereby eliminating the rampant degraded facet of the internet and conjugating these teens with the proper vision their lives ought to follow. Parents and the elderly reading will learn invaluable tips on properly positioning teens to place their core Values at the vanguard of their digital relations, thereby making their online persona mirror their real-life personality, in contrast to the wanton online street credibility. 

The book has received rave reviews from its readers. According to Donna Rice Hughes, Internet Safety Expert, Author, Speaker, and President of Enough Is Enough: “Everyone in America should read The Glass Between Us. It explains in plain language the extraordinary challenges the next generation faces. Lisa and Jason Frost confront these challenges head on.”

Working on the frontlines with youth for nearly a decade, Lisa and Jason Frost have combined their expertise in education and Children’s Rights in the digital age. Together, they run the non-profit organization, Wired Human, and equip parents, teachers, and professionals with the tools to instill value-driven media choices in this rising generation.

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