Find out why Online Gamers & Influencers around the world are partnering exclusively with Colab Collective, Gold Coast based Social Media Marketing Agency to launch their personal brands.

Gold Coast Marketing Agency Colab Collective, better known as Co Co Agency on Instagram, has had an influx of Online gamers and Influencers seeking their exclusive marketing service.

It’s no secret that using influencer marketing can help brands get instant recognition in their industry… but how does that fit into the online gaming community?

Colab Collective have been strategically using their exclusive Instagram network to help big brands grow their social media community by tens of thousands of people each week.

This form of influencer marketing has traditionally only been offered to businesses at a premium for one off promotions. It’s known to generate amazing results, but can be completely out of reach for the average person or startup company and is generally reserved for a more established business. Identifying this hurdle has just made sense for the Australian Marketing Agency Colab Collective. They’ve been able to restructure the model to offer a high quality service to a new market. We had the pleasure of chatting with the Director Chris Broome to find out more:

“We will continue to offer our one off promotions for people but we’ve essentially cracked the code to offer this same service to any brands, influencers, models, online personalities, gamer, or cosplayers, for a fraction of the price on a subscription basis. So they still get incredible brand exposure to thousands of people each month, but within a more cost effective budget.”

“We had a number of people come to us looking to get involved with these big promotions but they couldn’t afford the one off big ticket prices. That’s when it hit us, this needs to be a subscription service that the average person can afford. It needs to be affordable for students or part time workers or people supporting families. It needs to fit the daily budget of the average person so it could be a justified investment into their personal brand.”

With the gaming industry being in such high demand with online tournaments like eSports, some of the biggest profiles have struck brand deals with the biggest companies in the world, not to mention, the prizes they win can be $10,000’s even up to the millions for some of the major competitions. It’s no wonder a lot of people are attracted to becoming the next big personality. But you can only get these deals with a strong community and great talent.

Founder Chris Broome, added: “The real money for influencers & gamers comes from brand deals and selling their own merchandise, but they can’t do that without an audience. This is where we help them. We’ve had people become Instagram famous in a matter of weeks, recently we had one of our clients gain over 70,000 followers in 1 month, it wasn’t easy but we got it done. For the average person to achieve these results they can be grinding for years and still not come close. We bridge that gap in the market and there’s no other company we know of, that offers the quality of service that we do. For our team to achieve this is a massive milestone for us, and we are incredibly proud of everyone that made it happen. Most of our online gamers need help because they are absolutely grinding on their stream for up to 8 hours a day. That leaves very little time for them to market themselves. It makes it so hard for them to get noticed in a sea of new streamers. So we make it incredibly easy for them so that all they have to do is sign up with their details and we take care of the rest.”

How does it work? Is it hard for people to grow their brand with you? 

“We try to make it as easy as possible. We have campaigns running every week, so to avoid any logistical problems, we just have people sign up on our website, we process the order, and then place them in the next available campaign. Then we continue to market them in our campaigns every month that their subscription is active. The best bit is there is no lock in contracts, nothing messy just a very simple process that anyone can be a part of. This leaves them more time to make quality content & engage with their community which is a huge part of being a great streamer.”

How much does it cost? Can anyone afford the service?

“This is a huge part of the draw to our service. We needed it to be affordable as budgets are generally tight in the gaming world. We knew that they’d have no chance of spending thousands of dollars on each promotion. We’ve made it available so that if you can afford a cup of store bought coffee every day you can partner with us.”

Who can use the service? Is it just for People in Australia?

“We literally have clients from all around the world, USA, UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Dubai. That’s the great thing about our service as it’s international. We aren’t restricted by time zones or borders and we can help anyone that is serious about growing their brand.”

Is it just for gamers or can other people partner with you?

“No, we have a few services and we can help anyone looking to grow their personal brand or their online community on social media. We cater to people from all walks of life for example, Models, Online Coaches, Athletes, Music Artists, Influencers, YouTubers, Cosplayers, Businesses & Clothing Brands.”

If you want to learn more about the Colab Collective visit them here and follow: on Instagram & Facebook

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