Antwan set his goals, made plans, and then chased his dreams for a better life

The story of a teen who grew up with a single parent and had a lot of troubles during his early teens. His name is Antwan, he didn’t have a father and had other financial issues as well. He started selling phones, but because of the pandemic, this work didn’t go well because minimum interaction must be done with the people. Later he started his work with Forex and got a profit of over 21K as an upcoming day trader. He continued the struggle and got what he wanted.

Life is not as simple as it seems. It demands a lot of struggle, hard work, and courage. Especially for the children who grow up with a single parent. A story about a young boy “Antwan” who grew up with his mother. His father left them when he was a child, this was the time when he had to do something for his mother and himself. Later on, he started a job, but that job was not meant for him as he felt trapped in that job and the potential that he had inside was also trapped inside him. After thinking a lot, he finally decided to quit the job.

Antwan had faith in himself and the only money that he had in his pocket were $500, this was the time when he thought to be an entrepreneur. He also tried to get free stuff from Craigslist and started getting profit out of them. Craigslist is an American advertising agency with sections related to jobs, items wanted, housing, and much more. After this, he thought selling mobile phones which is a profitable business. He was working hard and trying to prove black excellence.

But because of the pandemic and social distancing the phone selling business was not working and he wasn’t getting much profit out of it. He had to minimize encounters with the people which result in loss. He got used to living a carefree lifestyle. At this Antwan was moving at his own pace and he ended up moving out of the country for a month to Guatemala a country in Central America. He learned Spanish in Guatemala and was struggling to maintain a good lifestyle, but due to the pandemic, he found himself trapped and searching for freedom.

At this point in life, he was searching for answers and opportunities so that he may get his life back on track. The life-changing moment was when he got attached with Forex. For the first three months, he was down 7k. as he was good at selling phones he had to overcome the mental aspect of trading. He watched many videos related to psychology and read articles about trading and with these efforts, he got a profit of over 24k last month and that how he became a day trader. He is an inspiration for many people around the globe. If Antwan can do it, anyone can.

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