How a Young Graphic Designer, Helmi Kemppainen, from Finland Became a Success in America

Moving from a foreign country to America is difficult in itself. But to make such a move and to become a success in the process, if anything, is a meritable feat. The amount of adversity one must meet in order to do this is quite substantial. Overcoming such adversity is nothing short of impressive.

Originally from Helsinki, Finland, Helmi Kemppainen is the epitome of such meritable feats and such impressiveness. Her journey from being a citizen of Finland and a traveling student in Europe, to being a successful Graphic Designer in the United States began at a very early age. Kemppainen was extremely passionate in her childhood about art. Specifically, she was profoundly passionate about drawing. She spent her days drawing, painting, and basically doing anything related to artistic expression.

Her skill and passion in the design arts have stuck with her throughout her life. Sometimes, Helmi had to take some profound risks in her pursuit of working to become a designer. For quite a while, Helmi worked in a well-paying Marketing job in Sydney, Australia. Having only given those around her about three days of notice, she decided she would move to Italy to study Graphic Design at the Florence Institute of Design International.

And yet, the opposite happened. Helmi’s gut instinct to go to Florence for Graphic Design ended up being one of the best decisions she could have made. The result of her applying her artistic skills to educating herself in Graphic Design has launched her career in America as a Graphic Designer.

Helmi now has an impressive and expansive portfolio, having done Graphic Design work for big-name beauty brands, on the up and up tech companies, and various health, medicine, and wellness companies. Today, Helmi is a Graphic Designer for the advertising agency Xposure Advertising, which provides Design and Branding services for local and international companies.

Within Helmi’s Graphic Design career, one of the more impressive and inspiring aspects of her work is that many of the designs which she works on are her own creative projects, which have been approved and praised by her clients. Anyone who knows anything about working in the creative sector knows that this is extremely difficult.

Now that Helmi has set the foundations for her success in America, she has future aspirations for her career. Helmi intends to branch out to other domains of the creative sector, like animation, photography, and videography. She also sells prints and canvases with her designs online.

What is most admirable about Helmi and her journey is that she did what so many are simply afraid of doing: Helmi saw that she had a legitimate passion and actually found a way to make a living from this passion. When you hear quotes like, “if it scares you, it might be a good idea to try it,” most people do the exact opposite: they run from their fears. Helmi, by contrast, ran towards her fears and is now rightfully reaping the rewards of her brave efforts.

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