Top SEO Firm Sharing Tips of Engaging Audience on Instagram

Top SEO Firm Sharing Tips of Engaging Audience on Instagram

Instagram is not only filled with businesses that want to promote their product or services. This social media platform is also filled with two other equally important components; every-day individuals and influencers. As a business that is competing against companies within an industry, how can it stand out from the direct and indirect competition while engaging the target audience?

As an established SEO firm in Toronto, Gilmedia has been working with a myriad of clients to provide premium marketing and SEO services. It shares 5 top tips for marketers to use.

Use Appropriate Hashtags

There are a number of ways to attract people to a business page, and the first – and perhaps the easiest way – is by using the appropriate hashtags in the description. Of course the hashtag needs to be relevant to the post, but it also needs to be generalized in a way that ensures it will reach a broad enough audience.

Also make use of all 30 hashtags. Obviously do not use irrelevant ones just to fill the space, but if the additional hashtags are in accordance with what a marketer is selling  – use them! Just make sure the hashtags aren’t banned by Instagram.

Post-Worthy Content

One thing to be mindful of is whether or not the content is worth posting. Are the photos up to par compared to the direct competitors? Having low quality content can really damage the business’ reputation, particularly on a social media platform that heavily relies on photos for engagement.

Another thing worth nothing is whether the photo or the description actually encourages engagement. Do the analysis needed to stand out above the competition.

Post Consistently

There is a fine line between posting consistently and posting constantly. Business accounts on Instagram can actually see when their followers are most active, and that day/time should be the best. Ideally, a marketer wants to post 1-2 a week in order to generate or keep the engagement going. Posting more frequently, like once or twice a day, could appear as too spammy – perhaps leading followers to unfollow an account.

Hold a Contest

This one is a no-brainer. People like free things. A marketer can ask the audience to follow the business for a chance to win a product or service for free. This not only engages followers, but also gains more followers.

Reach Out to Influencers

A great way to advertise products or services is by reaching out to influencers on Instagram. These individuals already have a large following, so if they choose to market a product, chances are that their followers will either purchase the product or at the very least check the page out.

The marketing specialists at Gilmedia have all the knowledge, skills and expertise to help a business to engage followers on Instagram. Its team knows how to navigate social media and can help a business generate quality engagement on platforms like Instagram.

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