Financial Aid Expert Says COVID-19 Provides Unexpected Financial Aid Opportunities

Denver, Colorado – Are you concerned or worried about paying for your child’s college education because of the COVID-19 pandemic? If yes, a Certified College Funding Specialist is the best professional to discuss all of your financial concerns. Did you know that there’s almost $198 billion of federal money available in tax relief and financial aid to help middle-class families pay for college?

A recent survey conducted by Discover Student Loans reveals that due to the pandemic, almost 40 percent of parents who did not plan on applying for federal aid, will now be applying for assistance. Contrary to what many parents and students think, now is the ideal time to start the financial aid process. With many families across the country impacted, many parents are choosing to stick their heads in the sand, or even postpone the financial aid process. Experts, such as Andrew Hathaway of Hathaway College Funding, think that avoidance is a mistake and that many families may be able to get a better deal on college as a result of the pandemic.

Many financial aid opportunities were made available to students during the COVID-19 pandemic. For example, in the US, the Department of Education declared that it would offer temporary relief for students with federal loans. While these federal funds will be a huge benefit to many families, many students will likely have to jump through additional hoops to get adequate coverage for their educational expenses.

“With the inflation of college costs every single year, it’s easy to understand how paying for a college education leaves many families under a massive pile of debt, or in some cases, forces parents to postpone their retirements. The financial aid process is already difficult to navigate, and COVID-19 has only made it harder. While there can be additional funds available, applications and eligibility criteria are complicated and easy to mess up. Any mistakes when applying for this funding can cause more of a delay in hearing back from schools. This is not the year for families to DIY their financial aid paperwork,” said Andrew Hathaway, Owner, and Founder of Hathaway College Funding.

Not familiar with the process or where to get started? Andrew recommends working with an expert who is familiar with the process. They should be able to help parents forecast college-related expenses and create a plan that minimizes the impact on their goals and financial future. Without an expert to help, the process can be overwhelming and time-consuming. Small mistakes and oversights could cost families thousands of dollars in lost aid.

“In the current college climate, it’s more important than ever to understand the full cost of a college education. Tuition, fees, and other expenses add up quickly, not to mention the inflation year over year. Without a guide, families can get lost trying to navigate the college admissions process on their own,” added Andrew.

Andrew, a Certified College Funding Specialist, and his team at Hathaway College Funding not only assist in the financial aid process but have made a point to make sure that families are getting guidance in the admissions process as well. As part of their services, they pair each family with a reputable and experienced college counselor to make sure that the student is considering the right schools where they will be a competitive applicant. In light of the pandemic, Andrew and his team are conducting daily online trainings to ensure that families can learn about the process and recent changes. Sign up for the live training is located on their company website,

“At Hathaway College Funding, our main goal is to help parents navigate the complicated financial aid process as they make crucial financial decisions about their child’s education. Whether they’re saving for a college education or need to save for retirement and pay for college simultaneously, we can help them reach their financial goals with confidence. Our team can help students choose the best school for the best price, ideally without jeopardizing their parents’ retirement savings. We want to help families avoid becoming a casualty of the system,” said Andrew Hathaway.

Why Choose Hathaway College Funding?

As a Certified College Funding Specialist with several years of experience, Andrew is committed and dedicated to staying on top of college admissions trends and financial aid information. Andrew has an extensive and in-depth knowledge of college financing and aid, which has been extremely beneficial to many families for years. 

Hathaway College Funding is among the leading college funding firms in Denver, CO. Andrew works with families and parents in-person and virtually. Andrew helps guide parents and students efficiently throughout the important college planning process.

HCF recommends unique asset, income, borrowing as well as tax strategies that increase each child’s financial aid eligibility. Andrew is also a member of professional organizations, such as The College Authority.

Andrew Hathaway has a background in financial services. For many years, he worked both as a retirement income specialist and financial advisor. Andrew is also a licensed financial advisor and has helped hundreds of families and individuals with comprehensive retirement planning and wealth management needs.

About Hathaway College Funding

Hathaway College Funding helps families and parents pay for college tuition more efficiently by minimizing out of pocket costs and prioritizing retirement savings.

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