MediaPunch Strikes a New Note with Class Celebrity and Brand Photo Shoots, Publicity and Distribution

From brands to celebrities and local heroes, everyone needs to be in limelight today on important occasions. MediaPunch, the celebrity photo agency with a fresh perspective, knows all the right angles and perspectives that make people and brands come alive to their fans, no matter what the place or time.

Supported by talented photographers and a deep network of platforms and channels, New York-based MediaPunch is rocking the niche space of managing celebrity and brand photoshoots and promotions. Its global reach and the roster of some of the brightest photographers give it an edge over the competition.  

“We offer competitive pricing and value, and stay true to quality and service all the time. Our work gives optimal exposure to our clients, whether it is a local club, a corporate party, or famous public figures,” said Jessica Daly of Media Punch. 

Exceeding client expectations is the grain of which MediaPunch is made. As the next-generation service in publicity and photoshoots, MediaPunch has insider access to a host of social media channels. The team knows the VIP events of the town, and its networking is spread across the interconnected worlds of entertainment, media, social channels, and traditional print.  

Clients of MediaPunch can thus expect a boost in online traffic, greater brand awareness among fans and following, low production costs, and protection of intellectual property. Clients, including PR agencies and corporations, can expect complete management of photo sessions, editorial placements, exposure on TV and print, social media, and assistance with pre- and post-publicity requirements. 

MediaPunch goes beyond the call of duty in many ways, serving both its direct customer their clients. Using its strategic contacts and network, clients can expect visibility in top-ranked social media channels, thus giving first priority to the overall mission and objective.

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