Ovidiu Toma, CEO CryptoDATA: a good strategy, a strong team and the right actions can save a company during pandemic

Ovidiu Toma, Chief Executive of CryptoDATA, speaks exclusively about how the unexpected challenges of 2020 influenced his company, in the field of technology and secure digitization

The year 2020 meant for so many a difficult milestone that got them closing the doors on their businesses or for others meant expansion and growth of shares. How would you describe your company and how COVID-19 pandemic influenced your company objectives?  

Ovidiu Toma – CryptoDATA Tech is a company founded in 2013 that started its activity in Bucharest, Romania by developing the biggest encrypted information processing data-center in Europe. Since then, the company expanded its activity and presently offers technology development and production solutions within a wide range of fields as security and classified information, cryptographic modules and methods and advanced programming.

The year 2020 was a wake-up call for all of us because nobody expected the challenges that surfaced due to the pandemic context and we had to make last-minute decisions in order to adapt to the “overnight” increase of use of digital technologies due to the social distancing norms and nationwide lockdowns.

To cope with remote working we also had to expand our team, bring new employees that never met each other, which it is also a big challenge because their work was very important for the company, but we took it as an opportunity to show to our partners and customers that we have the ability to adapt to an atypical market, particularly challenging at all levels.

At the beginning of the year, I had the opportunity to be speaker at the Forbes CEE Forum 2020 where I presented the importance of confidential information and communication security while working remotely. Also, we proudly presented our innovative products: IMPulse K1 smartphone, BASM laptop – world’s first privacy-oriented devices, CryptoDATA Operating System and the security applications that we developed using Blockchain technology, which we want to continue to build upon.

In addition to all kinds of meetings and planning, in July, CryptoDATA launched in Stalpu, Buzau county, an R&D microsatellite. What did you hope to achieve with this launch?

Ovidiu Toma – In July we have launched in the stratosphere the first set of equipment to validate the concept of encrypted global communication, Voice Over Blockchain Protocol. Specifically, a weather balloon raised a micro-satellite that reached an altitude of 126,000 ft. The strong point of our technology is the communication protocol developed by CryptoDATA, which ensures high end security.

The website is a business card for anyone who visits it and is surprised by the innovative products and ongoing projects.

Ovidiu Toma – We develop and innovate. Voice Over Blockchain Protocol (VOBP), CryptodataOS, hardware encryption key, encrypted storage and encrypted apps are some of our products when it comes to cyber security. The security of data transfer, information,  and secure communication channels have been our targets for the last three years. We are currently addressing the entire market, in order to expand our customer base and especially because the need for security of information is on high demand nowadays.

What are CryptoDATA’s plans for 2021?

Ovidiu Toma – In spite of the fact that 2021 is different in so many ways from previous years, I am confident that our field of activity will significantly expand as all providers will need to focus on enhancing and integrating security, compliance and privacy into their offerings. For our innovative mobile devices, we are have been analyzing the possibility to develop our Secured Operating System on Qualcomm Snapdragon chipsets, and for laptops and computers we will continue the implementation with INTEL chipsets.

Considering 2021 will be a “trial year”, we are working tirelessly to achieve the highest milestones, researching and developing our technology to be fitted in the automotive industry and autonomous flight applications.

Finally, a word to customers and partners?

Ovidiu Toma – The COVID-19 pandemic came at unexpected times without knocking doors. It is our duty to identify ways to protect and expand our businesses. As a representative of CryptoDATA, i make sure and assure you as well, that the company will pursue innovation through its technologies, products and services. Our promise, and especially mine, is that we will invest all the neccessary resources in order to create an ecosystem that will provide privacy, decentralization, security and innovation globally.

interview by Andrei C. Rotar

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