Gold Plating And PVD Coating Company Celebrate Their 10th Year

Turkey-based well-known gold plating and PVD coating company DEKAP was started in 2009 by a family of four. The family as a whole stepped into the coating sector with a goal in mind. They made it a point to be a company that provided effective and high-quality service for a diverse range of sectors.

Apart from the services they provided, DEKAP is well-known for their R&D projects. Their extensive research and collaboration with a range of sectors have allowed them to become experts in their field. There has also been intensive research regarding PVD coating, which has allowed several sectors effectively switch to PVD coating technology.

Their services don’t stop at high-quality PVD coating but extend to metalworking solutions and vacuum leak detection. The sectors they cater to are varied, from the furniture sector to the industrial metal sector. DEKAP is all about meeting the expectations and requirements of its customers.

Turkey’s leading company in the coating sector is successful because of its excitement, motivation, and innovation. Their R&D and collaborations with different industries, both domestic and international, have led them to offer better services. As a direct result of their collaborations, they now offer coating with gold-plating along with PVD coating with titanium, chromium, zirconium, aluminum, and its alloys.

The mission of DEKAP remains to provide the most scientific and high-quality service in the country. With every collaboration and advancement, they continue to innovate and contribute to the sector’s overall development. Apart from finding new applications for new sectors, they are constantly aiming to improve their own services.

DEKAP’s values are what allows the company to consistently be the best. Whatever services they offer are the results of the highest quality possible. They prioritize on the sustainability of high-quality production and environmental friendliness. They have a quality management system that keeps the safety and quality of production under control.

As the leading company in Turkey’s coating industry, DEKAP is celebrating its 10th-year anniversary by looking to continue its story. A company representative said, “We prioritize reliable, high-quality service that prioritizes customer satisfaction, environmental consciousness, and innovation above all.”


DEKAP is a coating company from Turkey that specializes in high-quality PVD coating. With both international and domestic partners, DEKAP is focused on R&D wisely. As a family-oriented business, the company prioritizes on the customer satisfaction, high-quality service, as well as innovation. The company now celebrates its 10th-year anniversary.

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