Explains What to Discuss With a Texas Car Accident Lawyer Explains What to Discuss With a Texas Car Accident Lawyer

Auto accidents cause fatalities and serious injuries. For the victims, their lives are turned upside down, and their request for compensation doesn’t end with an insurance claim always. For so many, a legal claim is required to demand compensation for their injuries that were caused by another party. 

Reporting the Accident to Law Enforcement

After an auto accident, the mishap must be reported if there is at least $1,000 worth of property damage or if any passengers or drivers sustain injuries. By reporting the accident, victims gain an accident report that prevents the accountable driver from denying that the accident happened, and the officers identify the at-fault driver in the report. While it will not dismiss any alternative claims in the case, the at-fault driver cannot refute that they caused an accident and that others were injured according to

Collection Evidence 

To start a legal claim, the victims need evidence. Footage from street cameras may provide views of the accident and show how it happened and who caused it. The victims need medical evidence that details their injuries and shows how these injuries affect their lives. A Coalition pushes for traffic changes after crash in Helotes and may introduce new criminal infractions based on the outcome of auto accidents. 

The Economic Losses Incurred by the Victim

Victims of auto accidents need invoices for their medical expenses from their doctor and at least three estimates for their auto repair costs. When an accountable driver has auto insurance, they can file a claim to get compensation for the victim. If they do not, the victim must start a legal claim. For auto accident victims who want to find more details about economic losses, one may be able to say, “you can check here for further details.” 

When the At-Fault Driver Commits a Crime

At-fault drivers are evaluated at the scene of the fender bender to determine if they were intoxicated or under the influence of controlled substances. Officers will also determine if the at-fault driver committed any moving violations that caused the fender bender. Texting and driving is a serious infraction that distracts drivers from the road, and drivers can be held accountable for this infraction if they cause an accident, and there were injuries. Victims of auto accidents can contact an attorney such as Thomas J. Henry now. 

The Potential Outcome of the Case

When it comes to auto accidents, the potential outcome of the case isn’t just whether or not the victim receives compensation. Some cases lead to changes in the law that introduce new moving violations, and they could shape the way laws are enforced by the highway patrol. Landmark cases can address new ways to prevent fender benders and protect everyone on the road. 

Auto accidents are a leading cause of fatalities in the US, and more drivers are violating the law. By understanding auto accident laws, victims discover how to address their economic losses through the civil court. Some cases may also have a connecting criminal case depending on the accountable driver’s actions. An assessment of auto accident claims helps victims get their day in court.

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