Meet Seattle artist who is hacking pop music to build an impression in the industry

The music industry is growing with each passing day and artists around the world are looking for new ways to impress the audience. Here we are going to talk about a famous Seattle artist who is popularly recognized as US3R. The name may appear more like a codeword; however, it represents the term USER. Along with the creativity and impact in the name, this experienced Seattle artist can also help people to enjoy some melodious musical albums from his collection.

US3R belongs to a family of musicians that are already famous in the music industry. Right from childhood, this artist had a close relationship with the recording studios. His parents used to tour various cities for famous acts and it brought new exposure to the life of a music lover’s child. US3R has now set up his name and brand in the music industry with a pop music collection.

He visited Canada and the USA recently at the beginning of the year 2020; however, soon after that, he has to stop all his tours due to the coronavirus pandemic. But this abrupt end to the tours could not stop him from achieving new goals in the music industry. During this extended lockdown period, US3R made its best efforts to influence the listeners around the world. He has now released five singles along with three famous remixes. People love him more due to his awesome performance and command on stage during live concerts. He also executed three live stream concerts during a pandemic.

The music lovers recognize US3R more due to his strong pop appeal. Every song released by this artist in the past few months had amazing pop appeal along with a deep social commentary which is usually difficult to carry for most pop artists.

This experienced and influential artist also makes use of the latest data trends and listener behavior analysis to drive his content strategy. It helps US3R to build new pop music with enhanced impact on listeners. Recently in December 2020, he also published a song that works as a voice command to streaming platforms.

US3R has lived in the areas affected by riots and pandemics. His music is an outcome of his life experiences. It can automatically connect to the souls of the listeners while building a playful pop track. His recent album is named “influence” which is a concept album containing songs relevant to the mindset of the social media addicted people. In June 2020, US3R also performed an 8 min 46-second-long live stream performance in memory of George Floyd and to raise money for the NAACP.

About US3R:

US3R has now become a big name in the pop music industry. This growing artist has already worked on several outstanding creations that are serving the tastes and preferences of the music lovers in the target market. His recently published songs have opened new doors for streaming music online. Alexa play ok computer has been one of his favorite streaming choices for launching new songs during the pandemic.

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