Arvind Panwar Shares the Top Blogging Tools and Tricks for Setting up an Online Blogging Business

January 13, 2021 – The advance of the internet turned millions into bloggers, and today blogging is not just a hobby, but a lucrative business to generate passive income as well. Arvind Panwar, an internet entrepreneur, has come out with proven ways to convert a blog into an online business on his website,

Blogging is not about creating content, but a business, reveals Arvind, who helps newbies and beginners find their niche and start a blog with the best of advice and experience. Today, over 6 million people blog on various sites, including social media, and these are read by nearly 75% of readers on the internet. Building a blog as a business requires many skills and tools that can be easily acquired, and that’s what Arvind has to offer, including a free 7-day blogging course.

Arvind Panwar has shared some top blogging tools and tips, including the seven top email marketing software, and the top four website hosting services, all of them reviewed and compared for the benefit of the reader. 

Another great set of articles are on how to promote blog. These include guides on where to begin, launching the blog, and a list of 50 proven practical guides for promoting the new blog and to start generating sales.

Those familiar with SEO would want to know about backlinks, and Arvind has shared some useful resources for this. Since link building is time-consuming, there are some good link building tools that bloggers can use to quickly bring good links to their blog. 

For those who are taking the first steps towards creating a blog in 2021, Arvind has created a set of guides to cover the first steps. These include getting a domain, hosting, the CMS platform, templates, themes, and ways to generate traffic. The five-part guide – how to start blogging in 2021 – is available online. 

Finally, RavenTools have been generating a lot of enthusiasm. Raven Tools are a set of marketing and SEO tools and give users everything they need under one roof. There are also alternatives to Raven Tools, and these can be found at best raven tools alternatives.

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