Craig Campbell Makes Learning SEO Free with the New SEO Training Course

Craig Campbell Makes Learning SEO Free with the New SEO Training Course
Now Downloaded Hundreds of Times a Week, Craig Campbell’s free training course has 153 modules, many of which are over the shoulder videos. The training course comes with no strings attached, but people need to follow the rules.

Craig Campbell runs a highly successful SEO business, a YouTube channel, and a podcast that has featured some of the biggest names in the SEO industry. However, unknown to many people, Craig Campbell dedicates a lot of his time to giving back to the community by speaking at various seminars and answering questions via multiple forums. The new, free SEO course is the latest in his effort to give back to the community, and so far, it has helped hundreds of people who have downloaded the course.

To better understand what the free ‘training course’ offers, professionals downloaded it from Craig Campbell’s official website. After the resident SEO expert spent a few hours with the course, it became apparent that, for starters, this wasn’t a filler course that was put together in a hurry to increase the number of opt-ins on the website. In fact, in the words of Craig Campbell, “It was put together over the course of a year.” Plus, the course, to users’ surprise, covers other topics like affiliate marketing, and there is even a module on Facebook ads. Many of the videos are over the shoulder, whereby Craig uses a specific tool, or going through search data, or setting up a Facebook ads account.

When asked how the course measured up to many free and even paid lessons out there, the resident SEO expert who sat through all the modules said, “I’m impressed! A lot of what is covered isn’t normally talked about in a free course. It surprises me that the course is free because even a lot of paid courses aren’t this in-depth. I think it is a great course for anyone who wants to learn SEO without paying anything.”

Learning SEO takes time, effort, and experimentation. However, courses like Craig Campbell’s free SEO course are more of a starter course, meant for people who want to get their feet wet. People who have done some SEO in the past may learn a thing or two from the course, but everyone else who has successfully ranked a site or run Facebook ads may want to choose one of Craig’s more advanced courses, which aren’t free.

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Craig Campbell is one of the foremost SEO experts and has been working in the industry for over 18 years. He works with a small office staff providing bespoke SEO solutions to clients from across the country. Campbell is also one of the most sought-after speakers at Digital Marketing and SEO seminars; he’s spoken at countless conferences with more scheduled for 2021. Craig’s YouTube channel has over 50,000 subscribers and counting, fast becoming a leading source for all things SEO.

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