Chinese TV series My Best Friend’s Story receives numerous compliments, and the power of Chinese women aroused international discussion

The TV series centering upon urban women’s growth, My Best Friends, starring actress Liu Shishi, Ni Ni, is broadcasting online exclusively on Iqiyi. This TV series, as the most heated one winning public praise, tells two women Jiang Nansun (starring Liu Shishi) and Zhu Suosuo (starring Ni Ni), who are different from each other in the aspects of family and personality, went through challenges such as family affection, love, career and marriage, etc., but still supported each other and shared happiness and woe together. Recently, this TV series has attracted waves of followers in Thailand, with Thai YouTubers’ reaction video going viral. They said that My Best Friend’s Story not only display the international side of Shanghai, but also made them feel the unique attraction of Chinese women.

The production team of My Best Friend’s Story has placed their focus on the local culture in Shanghai while they were reviving the international metropolis. The team showed the special buildings of Shanghai styled houses and old alleys by live shot, making the audience feel the authentic life behind the modern city. Aside from that, this TV series also displayed the special delicacy along Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai, such as Huaiyang cuisine, the special crab roe and crab meat steamed buns, and also the most daily Chinese breakfast such as soybean milk and wontons, all showing the unique local customs and practices in China. Moreover, Thailand netizens expressed that, “the Chinese filming team literally puts Shanghai on the screen!”, and was amazed at the producing level of this TV series. Aside from the local culture in Shanghai, it also integrates China’s status quo, analyzing the realistic topics in the contemporary Chinese society from Chinese women’s perspectives. And by the characters’ build and the actor’s interpretation, this TV series enables the audience to see a realer life of Chinese women and transmits the independence and strength in them.


The insight into realistic topics and the building of characters in My Best Friend’s Story has also won the compliments from Thai netizens, and in the reaction video going viral on YouTube, when the Thai YouTuber saw Jiang Nansun was hit when she refused her father’s arranged blind date, he sympathized with Jiang and exclaimed that “it is so outrageous”, “I am just as angry as her(Jiang)!”, and also praised Jiang’s attitudes of refusal to stick to herself. This video has sparked heated debate in the YouTube, prompting many netizens to discuss the “son preference” problem and other practical issues, many netizens in the comments have said “Nansun did well, although feel pity, but it’s really cool to have the haircut”. In addition, many netizens expressed their love and appreciation for Nansun, “Jiang is exactly the Chinese girl in my expression – seemingly soft, but strong!”

In the following plots, Jiang, after beaten up by life and committing herself into her career, fulfilled her transformation from “princess” to an able woman, and Zhu Suosuo gave up searching for a Mr. Right to rely on. And the independence and confidence of Daisy, Jiang’s aunt, showed the strength of time-tested Chinese women, and Nansun’s mom restarted to search for her freedom and happiness after her husband’s death but with her daughter’s encouragement…it is evident that My Best Friend’s Story, broadcasting exclusively on Iqiyi, has brought surprise for international TV series lovers by describing women’s stories of all age and letting more people see Chinese women’s soft and persevering beauty. 

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