Rouse Yoga Announces Revolutionary Pandemic-Friendly Digital Yoga Membership & Community

Rouse Yoga offers a digital membership site that integrates cutting-edge technology to make Yoga accessible for all.

Today, Rouse Yoga has announced the launch of its integrative, digital, and community-focused online Yoga Membership. The founders of Rouse Yoga sought to provide a warm, welcoming environment for yoga practitioners of all skill levels where each Yogi can bring their unique personality into an ever-growing community. In a world often seen as divided, isolated, and difficult, Rouse Yoga set out to use the power of technology to bring people together. Combining Video On Demand, Live-Streaming, and the talk-friendly platform Discord, Rouse is setting a new standard for online Yoga Memberships.

“Rouse Yoga was created so people have a community to lift them up and know they aren’t alone in a time so trying,” said founder Adri. “Yoga and meditation taught me about who I am and what I am capable of. I want everyone to know their power and strength so they can create the life and world they desire. With my team, we work hard to create a platform that believes in expression, acceptance, community, and love.”

The Rouse Yoga team certainly has worked tirelessly to seamlessly integrate state-of-the-art technologies like Live-Streaming, where members can tune into their favorite yoga instructors. Their Video-On-Demand service also supports members who require a more flexible approach to their practice. For those seeking greater interaction during times of isolation (like the 2020 Pandemic), their platform also taps into the power of Discord for easy communication no matter where they are.

An intense focus on variety has also been important for the Rouse Yoga team. Understanding that all yoga practitioners are unique and that no two yoga instructors teach in the same way, they wanted to include as many instructors as possible. While one yogi might become a member to pursue their spiritual quest, another may want to simply reduce stress or enjoy better sleep. Whatever the reason, all new members of the Rouse Yoga platform can rest easy knowing there is an instructor to fit their needs.

The desire to build a digital yoga membership platform that does more than instruct is at the heart of Rouse Yoga. By working with technology, they offer a stronger community and connection where their members need it most.

Digital memberships start at $19.99 per month and offer an irresistible lineup of some 30 plus videos from member’s chosen instructors, alongside unlimited live streaming. The platform is also currently offering a Free 7-Day trial to new members.
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About Rouse Yoga

Rouse Yoga is a digital yoga membership site based in Southern California. Founded in 2020, Rouse Yoga aims to create a harmonious relationship between yoga and technology and cultivating a community of love and growth on a broader level.

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