Financial-Tech Startup Our Mayberry Sees Success With Equity Crowdfunding Campaign

Financial-Tech Startup Our Mayberry Sees Success With Equity Crowdfunding Campaign

BELLEVUE, Wash. – January 14, 2021 – Our Mayberry, a financial-tech startup offering a platform that connects businesses, nonprofits, and consumers to transform communities, continues to attract new partnerships and investors during its equity crowdfunding campaign on the WeFunder platform. 
Our Mayberry is ushering in the next generation of online commerce, with its comprehensive platform that helps businesses acquire customers efficiently and cost-effectively by partnering with local charities. Businesses agree to contribute a portion of each sale made on the platform, and in exchange, partner nonprofits promote the businesses’ goods and services to their supporters. Using the proprietary Payberry app to make purchases, consumers can simultaneously support both nonprofits and small businesses, whether shopping online or in person.
Our Mayberry CEO Shawn Tacey explains why consumers, businesses, and nonprofits will all benefit from this values based approach to commerce. “The current e-commerce model is broken. Global tech conglomerates weaponize consumer data by flooding digital platforms with ‘targeted’ promotions and monopolize digital advertising at the expense of local communities. In contrast, Our Mayberry helps rebuild communities by providing technology tools focused on connecting us, not dividing us. Nonprofits support businesses that support them, and consumers have a wide array of financial tools they can use to make their purchases count, whether buying coffee or paying a doctor’s bill.”

Tacey also noted that Our Mayberry works for businesses of all types. “Right now, we process hundreds of thousands of dollars in transactions each month for service businesses like law firms, medical services companies, and architects. Other values-driven commerce platforms simply don’t include these types of businesses, but we do.”

Our Mayberry has recently added new nonprofit and business customers that extend its reach into four states, and it has generated growing interest from national fundraisers. This momentum is making Our Mayberry a driving force to help small businesses across the United States (and soon, globally) expand their consumer base by tapping into the engaged and dedicated audiences of their nonprofit partners, while providing a new and sustainable source of funds for nonprofits.

“Our Mayberry’s model represents the next step in the evolution of both business marketing and fundraising,” says Tacey. “We’re focused on weaving this new system of commerce into everyday life, and we believe this will go a long way in helping to rebuild our communities.”

Reflecting the founders’ values as well as those of the organizations and individuals they seek to engage, Our Mayberry has pledged consistent, transparent reporting and prompt payments to nonprofit partners. In addition, the platform safeguards against surveillance, tracking, and selling of customers’ data.

For more information, visit Our Mayberry’s WeFunder page.

About Our Mayberry: 

Led by a team that has worked with thousands of small businesses and has developed leading e-commerce and fin-tech solutions, Our Mayberry is an online platform that connects nonprofits and businesses to create a mutually beneficial marketplace where consumers can make purchases that support the causes they champion.

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