Dezmon Landers Introduces Task Management Framework for Entrepreneurs

The tool helps entrepreneurs prioritize critical tasks by people groups and business functions.

A business is made up of tasks executed by people, technology, and machines. Entrepreneurs currently use a variety of tools including their memory, to-do lists, and even software systems to manage these tasks. The challenge is that most of these systems aren’t specifically catered to the actual needs of entrepreneurs and overlook vitally important areas of their activity. This general oversight creates unnecessary risks that entrepreneurs pay for in time, energy, or consequence.

TaskRank is a new task management framework created by Dezmon Landers. Its purpose is to help entrepreneurs dramatically improve their task awareness and prioritization activities. At a high level, the framework has 2 critical inputs, people, and business segments. It’s most helpful for entrepreneurs who operate at least one growing business. Built for scale, the framework performs well under pressure as that is when task lists grow most, making task management and prioritization key.

The framework is made up of 5 key pillars including: (1) People Groups, (2) Foundation, (3) Acquisition, (4) Delivery, and (5) Exit. People Groups is important because it connects tasks to the different groupings of people an entrepreneur works with most. Foundation seeks to capture any tasks related to the infrastructure of working relationships. Acquisition then helps to capture tasks related to acquiring new people or resources. Delivery helps to find tasks related to the ongoing management of people, resources, and business functions. Lastly, Exit completes the framework by identifying tasks related to the clean separation of resources from the entrepreneur or their business.

For example, imagine a woman entrepreneur who’s self-employed in the accounting field. Her task list is normally manageable but as tax season approaches, her business activity increases more than originally expected. This increase, while a positive one, requires more employees, contractors, and suppliers. All of a sudden, the new task list becomes overwhelming and a solution is needed. By using TaskRank, she could simply create task pools based on each relevant people group. From there, she could start assigning individual tasks from each task pool into their appropriate business segment, based on priority. As a result, her use of TaskRank would have turned a chaotic task list into a manageable task matrix.

Entrepreneurs are forced to manage hundreds of tasks per month and TaskRank aims to bring structure to an otherwise overwhelming part of everyday life in the world of entrepreneurship. To learn more about Task Rank, please visit:

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