Bestselling Author Gives Away 1,000 books To Help Inspire During The Pandemic

DURHAM, N.C. – Several months ago, the rising entrepreneur, Phillip “Phenom” Robinson began to brainstorm ideas about how he could engage his audience but he never could have imagined the success or impact that he would have.

Today he celebrates his podcast “Execute: The Secrets to Fast Success” reaching 1,000 listeners with a giving away of 1,000 copies of his eBook “Be Phenomenal or Be Forgotten: Taking Your Life to the Next Level.”

Phenom is multi-talented, media and digital freelancer, with a mission to help others “take life to the next level.” In January 2019, he launched an interactive podcast based off his Amazon Best-Selling book, “Execute: The Secrets to Fast Success.”

After trial and error of different methods to develop an online presence, he found that many individuals struggle with anxiety related to decision-making, the fear of failure and uncertainty of the future. Having dealt with similar issues and being able to share his own experience, he was inspired to create an interactive podcast around those concerns.

“One of the hardest lessons I had to learn was that as much I want certain things to happen during a particular time that it’s simply out of my control” Phenom said.

He hosts his interactive podcasts series on Instagram live and streams it on Apple Podcasts and Spotify. Phenom gives attendees the ability to ask questions share their own experiences. Topics of the live sessions range from maintaining a positive attitude to improving networking ability.

Phenom’s eBook “Be Phenomenal or Be Forgotten” scratches the surface of everyday habits that can elevate your life to the next level. It contains real-life inspiring stories about transforming experiences. Readers are able to learn networking techniques, understand the art of hustling, and the importance of mental health.

In order to reach Phenom and access his free book, visit his website here and follow him on Instagram.

Written by: Kennedy Parkins:

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