Introducing JoinBumroll: The Sustainable Toilet Paper Subscription Box Creating Jobs and Rebuilding Forests With Every Purchase

The Only Guilt-Free Subscription Box On the Market, JoinBumroll Partners with the National Forest Foundation to Plant a Tree For Every Box Sold

In the past few years, subscription boxes have become increasingly popular. From makeup boxes to shaving kits, and everything in between; everyone knows someone who subscribes to something on a rotating shipping calendar, but how many of those are giving back to the world? Introducing JoinBumroll, the first guilt-free subscription box, delivering 100% premium sustainable toilet paper, that plants a tree for every box sold.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the world changed. New societal norms were put in place, unemployment rates skyrocketed to unprecedented heights, toilet paper shortages became commonplace, and wildfires took over multiple states. Founder of JoinBumroll, Tony Tate saw 2020 as an opportunity to help create a meaningful and lasting change by filling a need, creating jobs, and rebuilding the nation’s forests in the process. As a proud partner of the National Forest Foundation, JoinBumroll is joining the movement to become environmentally conscious and reinvest in communities.

“I started JoinBumroll to educate and give back within the 3 pillars that make JoinBumroll unique in the toilet paper subscription marketplace, the first is to build local communities by helping to keep jobs in America, the second is to provide a toilet paper that was 100% certified sustainable paper by the Forest Stewardship Council, and equally as important to plant a native tree for each every box of toilet paper that is delivered with the partnership of the National Forest Foundation.” Tony Tate, Founder & CEO of Bumroll

Every roll of Bumroll toilet paper is responsibly sourced, manufactured, and certified by the Forest Stewardship Council to be 100% sustainable. In addition, Bumroll uses no chemicals, dyes, or BPA’s to make sure that it is safe for every septic system. Where most sustainable toilet papers lack strength or comfort, Bumroll was created from a unique blend of long and short fibers from a wide range of soft and hardwoods to provide the required strength without sacrificing comfort.

Through proof of concept, dedication to providing a top-quality product, and unwavering commitment to building and sustaining communities; JoinBumroll’s purpose-driven vision has come to fruition.

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About JoinBumroll

JoinBumroll is the brand new 100% sustainable toilet paper subscription box company based out of Glendale, California. Founded in 2020 by Tony Tate, JoinBumroll maintains a purpose-driven vision to build and sustain communities, in far more ways than one. From providing a top-quality product and effortless means of restocking to creating jobs amidst a global pandemic and rebuilding forests all over the United States, JoinBumroll’s dedication to the community is palpable and unmatched. A proud partner of the National Forest Foundation, JoinBumroll contributes to the NFF’s “50 Million for Our Forests” campaign, by pledging a tree planted for every JoinBumroll box sold. Through reinvesting in communities and forests, JoinBumroll aims to lead by example in making our country a stronger and better place.




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