Real Estate 101 Offers Commercial Real Estate Investing for Dummies Book

“Commercial property values are headed down” says co-author Peter Conti.

Commercial real estate is headed for a big tumble. Businesses in brick-and-mortar stores and office buildings have been struggling to pay the rent and this is going to cause a major reset in shopping, retail and office properties.

Peter Conti spent the last 30 years building a stable and lucrative life for himself and his family using commercial real estate. He’s also had the gratification of guiding thousands of regular, everyday Americans to build their own fortunes using simple-to-follow strategies that allow them to spend more time with their kids, and even retire early.

But when he looks out these days, he sees a lot of uncertainty. He sees a lot of hopelessness and despair. He sees that things are getting really tough for a lot of businesses out there. This is going to cause a big increase in foreclosures of commercial shopping, retail and office properties over the next few years.

The three commercial asset groups that are still going strong are multi-family, self-storage, and mobile home parks. Right now is the time to get educated to take advantage of some of the bargain basement prices on distressed commercial real estate that is coming to most US markets soon.

Mr. Conti’s book, Commercial Real Estate Investing for Dummies, has been increasingly popular lately due to investors moving away from other low return opportunities into commercial real estate. Real Estate 101 is giving away copies of the book at no cost, all interested parties have to do is cover the postage to ship the book to them. Aspiring commercial real estate investors who would like to get a copy at no cost and save some money, can go to

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