Luke Bockenstette Launches New Copywriting Company Focused On Helping Digital Business-Owners Sell More, More Often, To More People

Bockenstette bridges the gap between conversation, conversion and copy using the “Uncommon Copy Method”.

JANUARY 15, 2021 – Luke Bockenstette is the founder of Uncommon Ventures, a digital shop that partners with brands to grow revenue with poetic ideas and killer execution. Now, with the start of a new brand, he will be taking his knowledge and strategies to the masses by teaching digital business owners how to write their own copy using his “Uncommon Copy Method”.

As a digital marketer and copywriter, Bockenstette focuses his methods on email marketing to increase the lifetime value of every single customer a brand has earned.

Through his new brand, Uncommon Copy Co., Bockenstette will offer masterclasses, courses and high-level coaching to help businesses differentiate themselves at every touch point. Each business owner will understand what levers to pull on to acquire new customers cheaper than their competitors. Then, Bockenstette will teach them how to increase the lifetime value of every customer by building a one-of-a-kind relationship in the inbox.

Statistics show that businesses don’t necessarily always have to deliver the best product to sell the most. They just have to be clearly different than their competitors. It’s been said that the golden rule of marketing is, “Don’t be boring.” The top businesses in the world understand that copywriting is the most effective way to stand out when trying to acquire and keep loyal customers.

Bockenstette uses his unique approach to help each client write clearly different copy to differentiate their brand by understanding their customer better than anybody else.

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About Luke Bockenstette

Luke Bockenstette is a college dropout turned copywriter focused on helping digital business owners sell more in less time.

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