Black Love Boutique Sells Spirited Black Culture Apparel & Accessories.

Black Love Boutique Sells Spirited Black Culture Apparel & Accessories.
Black Love Boutique has created limited editions of culturally appropriate clothing and accessories to capture the times we are living in. The company is 100% black-owned.

Black Love Boutique created by La-Tasha Stewart-Estelle has grown quickly during 2020, a time when other businesses are failing due to the COVID-19 crisis. Her clever apparel and accessory line has captured what the nation is thinking and doing, such as her ‘Kamala’ shirts and mugs and ‘Doing It For the Ancestors’ products. From adults to toddlers, La-Tasha’s Black Love Boutique is meeting a need where there is a demand.

“I wanted to create something that reflected who I am, my story, and also what the country is feeling. All items are limited editions, and everything is created to be both stylish but to also raise awareness when it comes to certain issues. The online shopping experience is easy, and we have a pop-up prize wheel for new visitors,” said La-Tasha, Owner and Founder.

Black Love Boutique is helping to spread a message of empowerment and hope thanks to La-Tasha’s tireless efforts to get the store going. The true motivation of Black Love Boutique’s brand and apparel line is to educate black people about who they are and where they come from. The brand entertains them with the richness of the black culture, inspires them to be great, because they already are, and reflects that we come from great people. According to La-Tasha, the goal is to enlighten her customers while building their self-esteem and that of their children.

“I’ve had to deal with and overcome a lot of adversity in my life. My husband died of Pancreatic cancer when our son was just three months old. We lost our house due to the loss of his income and the 2009 housing bubble; I’ve been on WIC and food stamps. I have also worked my way up to a successful position as an Account Manager for one of the largest book publishing companies in the world, owning another home and now launching this boutique. The launch has been widely successful, and the year isn’t even over,” finished La-Tasha.

Black Love Boutique has a holiday market store, T-shirt store, sweatshirt store, and even products for youth and babies. There is also an around-the-home section. Free shipping on orders over fifty dollars is also being offered as an extra incentive for new shoppers seeking out meaningful gifts.

Members of the media are invited to request products and an interview by submitting a press request utilizing the contact information below. 

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