Bay Solar Group Explains How to Make the Most out of Solar Energy

Today solar energy is within arm’s reach, never being so accessible and applicable with its inexhaustible potential. During the last decade, solar panel installation has projected 40% annual average growth reaching 85 GWat Solar Capacity. This result , of course, was gained from a solar panel price decrease by more than 70% in the last decade, and currently, the prices of solar panel kits are the lowest in history. Consequently, in 2019 40% of the grids’ new energy capacity was derived from solar, which has broken all solar records. No wonder that solar panel companies employ more than 250,000 Americans, increasing employment year after year. Given solar energy’s enormous opportunities, it is beneficial to understand how to make the most out of it.

Solar panel system installation is just the beginning to harvest solar energy potential. To enjoy solar energy for a long time, solar panels and solar inverters’ quality is fundamental. Over the years, solar panel efficiency has increased, making solar energy conversion more efficient. Therefore, fewer and fewer panels are now needed to convert the same amount of energy. To estimate the proper size and the price of a solar panel system, the consumer can use solar panel cost calculators designed in almost all solar panel installation companies’ websites. This is the first step that should be taken carefully, not underestimating the consumption potential. Before solar system installation, the consumer should think about the future plans that may require more consumption, like when buying an electric vehicle and EV charger. Home EV chargers are very convenient to tailor with solar systems, to charge Electric Vehicles with solar energy. In this case, the bigger solar system should be installed to reap all the needed solar energy. Once the customer installs the system, proper solar panel maintenance and cleaning are required to prolong the systems’ life and efficiency. Generally, once a year, solar panel cleaning should be done to prevent any dirt and debris on the panels and ensure optimal production.

Another way to get the most out of solar energy is by storing it. Here solar energy batteries come into play, and the Tesla Powerwall battery is one of the best solar lithium-ion batteries in the market. Tesla Powerwall Installation gives consumers opportunities to save even more money, as well as to get independent from the grid and potential rolling blackouts. It is worth noting that since 2012 the Tesla Powerwall battery cost has decreased by almost 76%, making it even more affordable for the users. Today, state rebates and solar energy incentives make Tesla Powerwall one of the consumers’ favorite solar products.

Reliable roofing is also a key player for making the most out of solar energy. The majority of solar panel systems are constructed on the roofs; hence total home roofing is the base of safe solar system installation and maintenance. Today roofing companies have come up with quality roofing strategies, providing the best roofing services to make the consumers’ roofs as sound as possible. Considering the types of roofing materials that roofing companies employ, roofs can also be regarded as a great source of energy. There are numerous kinds of roofing that can be found in the market. Among them customers can discover plastic roofing, metal roofing, rubber roofing, and steel roofing, each with corresponding implications. The recent roofing innovation of solar roof shingles was a shift in the market. Solar panel integrated shingles are perfect for consumers who want to install both solar systems and a new roof. Advantages of solar shingles are that it maintains aesthetics and roof functionality, becoming lifetime investment due to its durability. The customer should carefully consider the condition of the roof to ensure the firm base of solar system installation. 

As can be seen, solar energy is all about never-ending innovation and agility. There are a number of ways to get the most out of solar energy. Proper solar system size, EV charging, powerwall battery, and quality roofing are among the most significant ones. To promote the use of solar energy, states offer several incentives like tax breaks and rebates, assisting customers to go solar and save. 

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