Rangers Guard and Investigations Highlights the Risk Factors Exposing Convenience Stores to Security Threats

Rangers Guard and Investigations Highlights the Risk Factors Exposing Convenience Stores to Security Threats
Ranger Guard and Investigations is the leading Texas private security company. They boast many attributes that raise their prowess into the national limelight, but one quality standing out among the many is their vast experience and expertise in offering excellent security services. As one of their advisor posts to enlighten their clients, they recently outlined some reasons that propel increased store robberies.

Fort Worth, TX – On their website, Ranger Guard and Investigations, the premier provider of Fort Worth Security services, issued some factors that influence cases of convenience store robberies. While agreeing with the FBI’s annual report on national crime and statistics, which indicate that convenience store robberies account for a significant percentage of violent crime, they provided further reasons to confirm the same.

One of the top factors that they agree to be contributing to cases of insecurity to convenience stores is their operating hours. They noted that most of them operate until late into the night or 24 hours a day. Notably, the late evening and early morning hours are the peak hours for evil acts when there are fewer customers or witnesses.

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Another issue this provider of Fort Worth security services prove unanimously to be a factor is the number of staff the stores usually have. Usually, if not all the cases, most stores only have at most two staff at ago operating in the shops. A fact that gives thieves the upper hand to attack at will. The availability of easy-to-access cash within the stores also attracts thieves since the stores stock items of convenience that are usually paid for using cash.

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Ranger Guard and Investigations is a Texas Owned and Operated Corporation. They boast an employee base of security guards experienced and possess the highest level of training to serve their clients. The agency’s founder is also a force that reckons the corporation’s success with over 15 years of experience in security matters.

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